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October 2010

@Leeliocallaghan I really do hope not.

Back from a Halloween party dressed as a tiger. Face painted and wearing an adult tiger print romper suit from Primark. Did the job.

@robertsuch Heh, it’s not a PP iPhone app, no, but it is now live and a blog post is coming shortly from @wld /cc @rosswilliams

@Alexi_xx I use notifo with pushly for push Twitter alerts

There’s a dog barking in the office next to me again.

@andrewgarner I couldn’t agree more

Highlight of the @wld conference: @rosswilliams not realising he still had his radio mic turned on while going for a piss. Comedy gold.

In Essex in front of my parents’ fire eating crumble. Perfect way to recover after a hugely successful @wld partner conference.

Working from home while a workman planes my kitchen door. Losing man points.

@DavidHart Have you seen how cold it is out there? I’ll get the sniffles and probably chapped hands.

End hover abuse now

Arguments against using hovering info panels and show/reveals

Braintree Payment Solutions

US payment gateway: offeres recurring billing, offers and add-ons


Mobile ad exchange network

140 Proof

Targeted adverts on Twitter

@ian_winter It was a little bit advanced for you. Needed my executive troubleshooting.

Still got it. Fixed girlfriend’s O2 broadband VPN problems by downgrading router firmware and blocking auto-update port. She swooned.

@mattjukes No problem. Will let you know how I get on.

After years of thinking about it, I’ve just booked laser eye surgery. 3 weeks of glasses (no contacts) beforehand and then never again!

@TheGhoti I’m not sure if I’ll be feeling quite so brave when I’m strapped to a table with a Goldfinger-esque laser pointing at my eyeballs!

@mattjukes Thanks. Yes, I’ve been told that night vision problems are possible for a few weeks/months afterwards. Hopefully not too long.

@cronkshaw That’s right. They stick a sucker on your eyeball, slice your cornea to ribbons, zap your eye and then hand you a lovely big bill

@cronkshaw Burning? Oh bollocks.

@Leeliocallaghan Almost! Will be quite nervous but the end will justify the means. Having it done on Harley St.


Bug Tracking Software, Scrum Project Management


Real-time browser-server communication using WebSockets where available, falling back to Flash sockets where not

How To Send One Billion Email Marketing Messages Per Month

Do it in-house

@PaulCaudell I read that review in the MM back in 2000 and didn’t agree then either.

@Tomtids Can you blame me? Nothing but karaoke/popularity contests, vacuous dramas and Peter Andre.

@ian_winter I don’t watch ITV. Especially not racist programmes.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

CSS gradients for Firefox, Webkit and IE with fallback background colour for older browsers

Hardboiled CSS3 Media Queries

Min/max device widths for smartphones, iPads, etc.


Online backup service from £5/mo

Impressed by the demo I’ve just had from my @globaldev team of a major new @wld feature coming soon. A few niggles but great progress made.

Captio for iPhone

Fast-loading simple app that emails a note to you with optional photo attachment

Miguel Angel Jimenez and Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler: separated at birth? #rydercup #justme

@barcamplondon Dating service?! Well if someone really wants one then we can help, although the m/f ratio might make it a bit tricky…

Inbetweeners writers: do your homework. Uni of Warwick is based in Coventry. Also that student house has a London road sign outside. Lazy.

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