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November 2010


Simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress. Used by Mark Boulton to insert Delicious links into his blog.

Starkers: The completely naked theme for WordPress

@cronkshaw Yep. There’s even an annual international dating conference in Miami in January. Dating’s big business!

“Location-based dating is just too creepy for the majority of people” - /via @datinginsider - even under 30s I’d say.

Lunch in Marylebone with my housemates from 10 years ago in Auckland. We’re all older but very much the same.

Giving this recipe a go. Milk and white wine in a bolognese? 4 hours’ cooking time? Better be good:

In Economics lecture at the Emirates. Looking around for Wenger.

@Tomtids Thanks very much Tom. The awards ceremony is at the Emirates so it’s a double treat for me.

Smartened up today to attend the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 awards. We’re ranked top in the South East and 8th in the UK:

Impressed with Airplay streaming from my iPad to my Airport Express in iOS 4.2. No more need for the Remote app to play music wirelessly.

@ShaunnaLouiseW Thanks very much.

@bradhaverly this will make your day: RT @MacRumors: iOS 4.2 to Be Released Today, ‘Find My iPhone’ Now Free

Watching the Chuckle Brothers and Cheeky Girls on Celebrity Coach Trip. Sounds like an Alan Partridge TV series pitch.

Meeting scheduler. Emails a meeting invitation with .ics after.

Graduate Jobs, Schemes and Internships UK

@Sarah_Iles You read my mind! I better get in quick before they’re all gone.

@Alexi_xx Indeed. Not a nice way to go. Odd seeing little Sunningdale on the news too.

Oooh. Murder enquiry in nearby sleepy Sunningdale. “Sledgehammered” hostage found in a van on the A30 and the road is now shut.

Polish programmers are joining U.S. startups – but staying in Poland


Instant Notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and More – alternative to Notifo

The office now smells of urinal cakes.


Realtime Business Status Board. Analytics, CRM, support, monitoring, project management

Facebook | More Beautiful Photos

Maximum size of photos increasing soon from 720px to 2048px on the largest edge

1.0 Is the Loneliest Number

“if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long”

Saw more suicidal cyclicists tonight riding in the dark without lights. Did they never take their Cycling Proficiency Test? #suicyclists

The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide

Starting with Git: Cheat Sheet

Courtesy of the lovely @ian_winter I’ve got tickets to see Foo Fighters in July. Just as excited to be seeing Death Cab for Cutie again too.

Get Started with Git

A List Apart tutorial aimed at designers and writers

Gareth Bale was a monster against Inter tonight. Shame he’s Welsh.

@thesambarnes Well, yes, but it’s a shame he’s not English so he can maraud down England’s left just like he does at WHL.


ConnectTweet lets real people represent your group or business on Twitter from their own Twitter accounts


Neat reminder/scheduler Mac menubar app.

RT @MacRumors: iOS 4.1 Daylight Saving Time Bug Strikes Europe /cc @stooty @clearjanuary