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December 2010

Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries

Tips for targeting iPhones/iPods including orientation, zooming, special icons and hiding toolbars

Title Junk

One of my bugbears too - page titles with SEO and categorisation nonsense.

Apple TV 2 review

UK specific, hands-on review of the ATV2

I’m hoping that Santa reads @hicksdesign’s hands-on Apple TV 2 review and decides I’ve been a good boy this year -

Eyes recovering well after fighting through the snow to Harley Street for laser surgery today. Yes @cronkshaw you can smell the burning…

@marckysharky Just checked the table; Arsenal still above Chelsea. You must be dreadful.

@lebreeze Maybe, but we’ll have a go and attack. Better than stuttering against Schalke.

Genuinely pleased Arsenal have drawn Barcelona in the Champions League. They’re the best team in the world right now so nothing to lose.

@kevgibbo If it’s true I’m sure it won’t just disappear, but I’ve exported my links just in case:

Yahoo is reportedly shutting down Delicious. Dreadful news if true. I’ve been using it for links for 6 years.


Drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s audio tag to be used anywhere.


Tiny non-blocking JavaScript lazy loader

@maturedatinguk1 Oooh, miaow, very bitchy! Electronic saucer of milk for you!

@maturedatinguk1 Ha, well she’s looking lovely on the You’re Fired show though. Hair/teeth makeover?

Karren Brady: brains, beauty and even knows football. #theapprentice

Custom Short URLs in WordPress

@Sarah_Iles @timblair No chance. Keep them away from me!

Discovery of the day: Diet Cherry Coke tastes like Jägerbombs #shudder

Despairing at media focus on Charles and Camilla’s sodding car getting defaced. Main issue buried in favour of actions by idiot minority.

It’s hard enough recruiting. If I were a future graduate facing a lifetime of crippling tuition fee repayments I’d emigrate #ukbraindrain

Ian Hines Helps You Move From Tumblr to WordPress

Also a handy guide in setting up tumblelog style posting in Wordpress

@Tomtids Pretty damn good I thought. Definitely worth hauling myself across London for.

@mattjukes Glad I’m not the only one confused all over again.

@mattjukes Nice. Standing? I’ll see if I can spot you in the 20k crowd!

Off to the O2 tonight to see Suede, 14 years after I first saw them

RBS WorldPay Guides

Technical and user guides for Global Gateway, including DTDs and Batch Model API.

Tried to update the @wld status blog with note about our payment gateway being down, but it’s hosted on @tumblr which is currently… down

@ignorethecode Marvellous! Pleased to be able to contribute to your wonderful site.

@thesambarnes I’m jealous, but now and again you do need to prod and poke the goods to make sure.

Reading was heaving today but chuffed that all my offline Christmas shopping is done.

@ignorethecode RISC OS (almost extinct British OS) also had drag-to-save way back in 1989:

History Sniffing: How YouPorn Checks What Other Porn Sites You’ve Visited and Ad Networks Test The Quality of Their Data

Checks links to competitors to see if they’re purple (or whatever the visited colour is)

On a train hurtling through snowy England to Manchester enjoying the free wifi and beer (courtesy of @martinbtt)

NME Top 75 Albums Of 2010 - Stereogum

@cronkshaw You’re making me very hungry with all this fish'n'chip porn. I’m craving them for lunch now.