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January 2011

SQL for Web Nerds

Useful basics for database newbies, plus reminders for experienced developers

Blazing Fast Speeds with Sinatra and Memcached

This has ruined my Friday. Sickening.

Subverting the system: scoffing a chocolate muffin with the queen’s head on. Thanks @timblair #muffinanarchy


An object-document mapper to connect Python and MongoDB

Git, Heroku, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Sinatra, Active Record… getting back to some hacking and learning.

@larrylou100 I’ll eat your Hob Nobs for you if you’d like?

Masterstroke from Sky: replace Andy Gray with Sam Allardyce in the commentary box so that we’re left begging for the sexist Scot to return.

@larrylou100 This is a public reply that you and your followers see #testing

@thesambarnes It’ll be totally fucking Mexico.

@ShaunnaLouiseW Your guess is as good as mine!

@neilmiddleton I only read it to find out what’s happening with Diana. Still dead, I think.

I’ve booked a haircut at a fashionable salon with a stylist called Misty. Preparing myself for a Geek Pie, yeah?

Daily Mail columnist spends 3 months on dating sites without going on any dates: spreads usual false, bitter clichés -

@neilmiddleton Every time someone leverages a synergy, God kills a kitten.

@rosswilliams I’m afraid to say it was PH. I furiously underlined the offending “key issue” several times.

Excerpt from a slide in a meeting this morning: we need to “leverage the synergies” #buzzwordbingo #house

@neilmiddleton No problem. Great case study for @heroku and scaling. Lovely site too.

How @monochromeuk scaled their Rails app with @heroku to cope with a national TV ad campaign:

@thesambarnes Google Sites using our company GApps account - low barrier to entry

“5 reasons why I can’t date muggles” (geeks dating non-geeks) - /via @missrogue

BBC closes WML mobile site

<1% of traffic (presumably mobile traffic) so now focusing solely on HTML.

Henge Docks

Docking station for MacBooks - drop into housing to replicate ports.


Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments using VirtualBox

@baob Unless you’re a fan then you’ll probably be as baffled as me. Plus it’s only the first part of the book I’m told. Good luck!

Endured 2.5 hours of meandering, inaccessible gibberish watching the latest Harry Potter film at the cinema. She loved it.

Watching Fiona, an unflappable Eddie Stobart female driver, reversing an articulated lorry down an icy slip road on Five. Balls and beauty.


Recurring Billing, Subscription Billing, Web 2.0 and SaaS Billing

System Monitor | Sage Pay

No longer requires a login

Back home from London, 8th wicket just gone, new ball to come. Should I stay up to listen to the end? #theashes

@martingoode Quite right! Very kind of you to say so.

Epic 10-hour strategy meeting today and now I’m heading to a networking dinner in central London #hero

Technical job post tips for the desperate

For companies rather than jobseekers

Daily Stack

Wooden blocks of time for work, play and rest placed on a sensor and used for time countdowns.

Sent a wink to my other half, Laura, one year ago today. Online dating works.

Has there ever been a worse advert than that singing cartoon woman nonsense? What do you sell? 18m strong? Eh?

Mobile Emulators and Simulators