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March 2011

Felix's Node.js Guide

Beginner’s guide, style guide and other tips

“Don’t give your customers what they ask for; give them what they want” - lessons from GitHub’s @mojombo -

@maturedatinguk1 So I’ve heard. Are you boycotting it then?

Census submitted online. Missed the last one while living in NZ so this is my very first as an adult #census

@cronkshaw Fantastic. Looking forward to the tweets from the delivery room!

@hobbsy Absolutely. Might light a fire too. Nice moon.

Sitting at a small table with my iPad, wine and crisps. Surprisingly easy to write on the screen, plus no distractions.

Nuts & Bolts: Potpourri

37Signals chose ServerCentral to co-lo their infrastructure

HTML5-powered Ajax file uploads

Sauce OnDemand

Cross browser testing with hosted Selenium testing in the cloud

@mattjukes @larrylou100 Well, I didn’t want to say…

@cronkshaw Bit late for you now! Cronk Jr almost ready to pop out?

Friday night in with @larrylou100 and Bess the dog. Not visible: endless canine flatulence.

@maturedatinguk1 Ha ha, sorry Paul, every one of our @wld children is special in their own way!

Great looking niche dating site just launched on @wld: HotForGinger ( One of the best designs I’ve seen on our platform


A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Location-aware devices send notifications when they enter/exit the area.

Git aliases (and useful commands)

@Ebstar That’s useful to know. I think they’ve only enabled 2G for now so if I’m repeatedly kicked off 3G I’ll switch back to just Orange.

That was painless. My Orange iPhone now switches to/from T-Mobile as part of the merged Everything Everywhere system:

The Current State of HTML5 Forms

Growing The Beard

When a TV series becomes noticeably better in quality, as demonstrated by Riker’s beard growing in Start Trek: TNG. Opposite of “Jumped the Shark”.

Watch @AdrianPoynton’s White Van Man on BBC3 at 10:30 tonight. I hear it’s like Spartacus but with more swearing, nudity and fighting.

@larrylou100 Nice try! I would have thought that I’m enough of a present?

Pleased with Due, a reminder iPhone/iPad app that badgers me repeatedly until I do what I keep putting off -

@LaurenBarnesWLD Well done Lauren. Excellent work! /cc @martinbtt #globaldragons

Dropbox's Y Combinator application form


Checks the syntax of all changed ruby files is valid before allowing a commit


Web, print, brochure and logo design marketplace/outsourcer

What it's like to start work at Quora

Interestingly Quora engineers develop on EC2 instances which are set up with custom scripts. Free meals, introductions, yoga, 1:1s, continuous deployments, employee swag.

Aristo for jQuery UI

Cappuccino’s Aristo theme ported to jQuery UI. Attractive set of form and other controls

@stooty Et tu, Stooty?

Watching out for conspirators today. Beware the Ides of March!

@mattjukes Damn you! blocks @mattjukes

@PaulCaudell Certainly not a good way to sell to grumpy Englishmen like me

“Barry, I wanted to reach out to you…” => email deleted.


Converts integers to/from base58. Useful for short URL IDs


Minimalist blog engine in Ruby. Add entries using git, similar in concept to jekyll

Twitter Convowall

Finds and displays tweets based on a hashtag/keyword for a big screen


Takes a content URL (eg a YouTube video) and returns JSON/XML info on how to embed it

Media Queries

Gallery of responsive web designs that adapt to the viewport

@therunningdude Go see the Manneken Pis, a little chap urinating near the Grand Place.


Using node.js, backbone.js,, and redis to make a real time chat app

Anatomy of a Crushing

Lessons from the Pinboard team from the surge in interest when speculation began that Yahoo planned to drop Delicious


Installs a self-contained web dev hacking environment on a Mac

Eating pancakes while watching Barcelona v Arsenal is not good for my heart

Prevent accidental cmd-q quitting of Chrome (Mac) by going to about:flags and clicking “Enable” under “Confirm to Quit” API

Face recognition service with a free API (rate limited)

Payment service providers - Barclaycard Business

Barclays approved payment processors - alternatives to SagePay

iWantMyName - Simple Domain Name Registrar

Full DNS control and setup guides for popular web services like Tumblr

Love, Virtually

C4 programme from 2010 on the rise of internet dating

@JamesLafferty Ha, I don’t doubt it, but 30-odd scathing reviews do tend to put you off.

@maturedatinguk1 She’ll find somewhere eventually I’m sure. As long as I can read some books I’ll be happy. #ineedaholiday too.

Instapaper’s Arment: Seek Money From Customers, Not VCs

“Venture Capital Is Like Having Another Boss”

What to look for in a UI designer

Writing, interface design, product, development and character

Struggling to find a sun holiday with @larrylou100. Every potential option is ruled out by TripAdvisor horror reviews.

Black day for SagePay, our payment provider, who has been up and down all day. PR disaster too:

I can’t imagine Rooney being as charming with supermarket staff as his strike partner: /via @zonal_marking

@rosswilliams I’d describe it as the race between Acorn (Chris Curry) and Sinclair to win the BBC micro contract. First on BBC4 in 2009.


Real time traffic visualisation

Testing oembed with twitpic. Here’s a photo of some of the @globaldev team away from their Macs

How to Build a Simple Tumblr Blog with ExpressionEngine