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April 2011

The Ronin car chase scene through Paris is just fantastic. Love those angry Audi engine sounds.

Barnstorming fightback by Judd Trump in the Snooker. Welcome entertainment after all that wedding nonsense.

@larrylou100 Love the new photo. Freckles!

Apprise - The attractive alert alternative for jQuery

Lovely Mobile UI

In bed on a bank holiday morning but I’ve been abandoned in favour of this bloody #royalwedding on TV.

Our shaman-prince chooses peasant-spawned serf-girl in “healing ritual for Broken Britain” – Stewart Lee on top form

ITV brings out the big guns for Barca v Real: two failed Boro managers and Andy Townsend.

Automatically deploying a website from a remote git repository

Things that make your web service RESTful (and not)

Tom Insam’s thoughts and debunking of what REST actually means (see also his REST vs non-REST follow-up)

Marco Arment decides few others want to scratch the same itch as him

“I could make my perfect weather app, but very few others would be satisfied with it.”

It’s the little things: just noticed Google Calendar’s favicon changes to today’s date (on Chrome/Mac at least)

@BradHaverly You should write a blog post comparing them all. I’ve tried Tweetie/Twitter, Tweetbot and Echofon and prefer the official one.

Snooping around the sleepy village where @larrylou100 is teaching at from Sep. Bit quieter than Slough.

The Founder's Library

Extensive collection of articles written/found by Daniel Tenner (swombat) for (UK) startup founders or other web small businesses

Is Your Site Missing its Custom WebClip Icon?

129x129 PNG called /apple-touch-icon.png

Mobile Boilerplate

Best practices and useful code, including a sitemap.xml, .htaccess, stylesheet, helper JS, default.appcache and HTML template.

Deploying a massively scalable recommender system with Apache Mahout

Uses Hadoop to do the heavy lifting and MySQL for the datastore

@rosswilliams Very kind of you to say so.

The Fold | WeeNudge

Research and evidence dispelling the hoary old myth over page folds. Part of a family of good sacred cow slaying resources.

@hobbsy Thanks mate. It’s all in GitHub - have a poke around at the CSS. Media queries are great:

@iainhaywood Thanks very much!

@hobbsy Odd. Will have to take a look at the fonts on Windows. Screenshot much appreciated, cheers.

Shower: HTML presentation template

Attractive, CSS3 enhanced, web font toting presentation template. Love the progress bar.

@neilmiddleton It’s a great concept: write, generate and git push.

@neilmiddleton Thanks Neil. It’s been fun learning and having everything click into place.

A new start: the first article from my redesigned website:

CSS drop shadows

Lifted corners, curled corners, perspective, raised, curved edges and more. All without images.

I may live in Windsor but no one gave me a castle. Something to wear on the wedding day: #commoner #royalwedding

Ruby interface to the Clickatell SMS Gateway API

Spending a happy day with #6music. #adamandjoe were on top form and now Liz Kershaw’s playing Elastica and Steve Mason. #lovetheradio

Get FileShuttle, an easy file sharing app.

Screenshots or drag'n'drop to a (S)FTP server

@larrylou100 Looking forward to my bit of cake #nomnomnom

cole rise

Grainy photos with a sci-fi/fantasy edge, birds, people, landscapes, stars, space.


S3 backup for Mac

@BradHaverly Retweeting Kelly Osbourne and admiring nice Dolly Parton: worried about you this evening.

@cronkshaw Beautiful baby and a beautiful photo. One to hang on the wall of Cronk Towers for years to come.

Love this developer job ad: “To apply, check the HTTP headers.”

Irritated to find that my design skills from 2009 are far better than what I can do now. #outofpractice


pushState + ajax = pjax. As used on GitHub.


Royalty-free vector icons at a reasonable price


Find complimentary shades of a base colour

Glossy vs Matte MacBook Pro displays

@jsboulanger Fantastic news! Well done, JS. When are you ordering your Ferrari?


Outsourcing/freelancing with a wide pool of technical talent around the world

@andrewscrivener GitX is pretty good for starters. The GitHub web interface is better than any app for collaboration.

@andrewscrivener Did you take a look at GitHub?

@AdrianPoynton Officer Orsom, love it! Needs his own spin off. Congrats on the acting(!) and series. Ep3 best yet.

Qwery - The Tiny Selector Engine

Lightweight Javascript selector library

@larrylou100 At this time of night? Mental girl.

Saw Doug Stanhope in a tiny venue in Leics Sq tonight. Tomorrow he’s at the Apollo. Very funny and adept at dealing with hecklers.