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June 2011

@thesambarnes I never had the pleasure of working with @jlcoassin but you’ve nothing to worry about. Enjoy your last day and week of FIFA!

Every Google page displays Google+ notifications in the top bar, luring you back in #sticky

@thesambarnes They’d stretch even your client handling skills! The stars packet was quite good, I thought.

Nice to see our near neighbours in Windsor @1HQbrandagency on tonight’s #theapprentice

Starting your Startup

Lessons from Joe Stump on starting and growing a startup

@andrewscrivener I reckon they’re taking the piss in revenge for telling tales about Blatter!

@cronkshaw I always sign up to these things anyway to have a nose around. Hoping they enable for Google Apps accounts too.

Fifa rankings are hilarious. England 4th best in the world?!

If people I know start to join and use Google+ I will too. I’ve no loyalty to Facebook or Twitter, just their critical mass #googleplus

How To Scale a Development Team

Adam Wiggins from Heroku describes his stages of dev team growth from homebrew through to specialised teams

Back in my old Wandsworth stomping ground for a few quality pints at The Alma but now hurtling home to Windsor on the train.

Sprite Cow - Generate CSS for sprite sheets

Gives you background-position, width and height for sprites within an image

Book of Speed

Free, in-progress book on site performance and optimisation

Arsenal’s Emirates Cup promo email uses Van Persie to represent the Club, not Fabregas the captain: #onhiswayout

@ShaunnaLouiseW Not sure you should watch it in your present condition: it’ll give you all sort of pregnancy nightmares!

(Re)watching Children of Men. It gets better every time. That continuous siege scene at the end is amazing.

Aha! Moments When Learning Git

Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup

Keep the OS on the SSD and then symbolic link to hefty folders on the HDD

How to keep things secure in your Dropbox

Instructions on creating a sparse bundle disk image that can be stored in Dropbox with a nice strong password.

Lovely dinner and drinks with the @globaldev team this evening.

@ppounder Good work! Really pleased you could make it this evening. Fingers crossed your car gets sorted soon.

@nstanley Thanks very much. Not sure ordering scales counts as exercise though!

@rosswilliams Ha, let’s see how I get on with my little plan first.

@rosswilliams Give it a refresh. You’ll notice I come clean about the bike.

Witness the Fitness: I’m trying to be a bit healthier through exercise, diet and gadgets

Witness the fitness

My geeky approach to trying to get a bit fitter with fun technology.

Witness the fitness

I’m 32, unfit and getting a bit tubby. I drive to work, sit at a computer for most of the day and eat/drink what I like. This lifestyle has got me through my twenties intact, but it’s time to change. I’d like to lose a bit of the flab that I’ve gained and generally feel fitter and healthier.

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Rain. Sunshine. Rain. Sunshine. Rain. Sunshine. Rain. #makeyourmindup

Implementing bookmarklets in JavaScript

Yes, You Can Run 18 Static Sites on a 64MB Link-1 VPS

Squeeze more performance out of a VPS - worthwhile tips and advice even if you have a bigger server

A Whole Bunch of Amazing Stuff Pseudo Elements Can Do

Clever uses for :before and :after. The multiple backgrounds on an element is especially useful.

Apple is patenting an opt-in friendship/dating matching system using geolocation and data on your iPhone

@MissSpanna She knew she shouldn’t contact the accused but didn’t care. Prisons are full enough but there needs to be a strong deterrent.

Turned on the little heater under my desk to counteract the unstoppable air con from above. Chilly head and scalded ankles. #notverygreen


Inlines and compresses all the resources of a page into one downloadable HTML file. For use offline or on a mobile.

The head of X

Job title should reflect what someone is responsible for, rather than using generic COO, CIO, CTO, etc.

Mac software to add searchable text to scanned PDFs

Tried and tested OCR software used to achieve a paperless office workflow

Fluid Images

Resize images and videos to fit the available space in a fluid layout. Includes workarounds for IE

The Great Typekit Table

List of fonts suitable for long blocks of text. No handwriting or monospace nonsense, plus indicates which work well on Windows

Flying visit to Essex today for my mum’s retirement/birthday shindig.

More concurrency on a single Heroku dyno with the new Celadon Cedar stack

Up to four processes on one dyno with Rails and even more with something lighter like Sinatra


Designed for Campaign Monitor’s website.


Ruby site compiler that generates static HTML from Markdown, Textile, Haml, etc.


Premium Tumblr themes by the MetaLab team. Lots of rich, glossy designs.

SHAPE » apps in perfect shape

Developers of the new Songkick iPhone app

Groupon Office Tour

Photos from the end of 2010, back before the IPO and before Google offered billions to buy it. Are they really this happy or are they trying just a little too hard?

Radish: Dig Deep Into Redis

Redis analysis and monitoring service that uses a daemon to break down frequency of commands/keys/namespaces, averages, memory usage, etc.


Free scheduling for a meeting or event (premium version without ads).

HTML email boilerplate

@lloydi @rosswilliams It must be the image compression. Mini Me? At least my head has a body!

@rosswilliams Fairy wings? Seriously?!

We’ve got dozens of Macs in the office. Will I be able to buy multiple copies of Lion through the Mac App Store using one company Apple ID?

I would love to see iMessage push to iChat on Lion as well as iOS5 devices.

Hopelessly glued to the #keynote like a good little Apple geek

@jimeh's git config and aliases


Send estimates/invoices, receive payments and keep track of follow-ups

Suspension, Ban or Hellban?

Killer idea to deceive scammers/trolls in a community. Hellbanning = invisible to other members but they believe they’re still active; Slowbanning = deliberate pageload delays introduced to frustrate them; Errorbanning = random error/http pages.

Delegate or die

Whenever Derek Sivers (CDBaby’s CEO) was asked a question he gathered his team around, answered it, explained the philosophy/process, got one person to document it and then let them know they can decide without him next time. A few months later he was “totally unnecessary”.

@andrew_levett Keep it foolish.

The test match, Euro qualifiers, French Open finals, the Derby, lovely sunshine… How am I supposed to get anything done this weekend?

@BradHaverly Yep. Went off them a bit after recent albums but back to form. @ian_winter and I are seeing them next month.

Ordered the new big loud Foo Fighters album after watching last night’s cracking Back and Forth documentary


Ruby gem that allows you to specify the individual processes needed to run your application in a Procfile. As used in Heroku’s Cedar stack.

If Apple do release a MacBook Air with an ARM A5 CPU, it’ll be the first since Acorn’s ARM-powered A4 launched in 1992

Gem Versioning and Bundler: Doing it Right

Basic rules and principles for satisfying gem dependencies with Bundler

@nstanley What a tease!

Infinite scroll + HTML5 History API

Experiment that modifies the URL with query parameters on the fly when you scroll down a long list of tweets so you can bookmark and return to the same position.

“Stewart Lee doesn’t just tell jokes: he milks them… [cont’d]” fantastic comment below a Guardian editorial on SL

Responsive web design from the future

“Responsive web design is about a lot more than the size of your screen”. HTML5’s history API, pushState, replaceState, Hashbangs, Ajax, Pjax and other topics from GitHub’s designer

Alan Partridge's first radio appearance

On Chris Morris’s On the Hour - also downloadable as an mp3.

@rosswilliams It would be such a shame to smash a $300 china doll.

Twitter’s API entities docs now updated to show how to refer to its upcoming photos functionality


Spread out tweets throughout the day rather than sending them in one burst.