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July 2011

Building a simple IP geolocation service

JSON format geocoding service using MaxMind data. Source available on GitHub


TextMate plugin that provides full-screen support in Mac OS X Lion

Network Link Conditioner in Lion

Useful new tool for testing mobile apps that emulates a slower network connection, with presets for 3G and Edge. Comes with Lion/XCode 4.1.

Paul Robert Lloyd

Love the typography and responsive design behind this personal site.


Mac note-taking app that syncs with Simplenote. Lots of Markdown features - fork of Notational Velocity from the author of Marked

@ppounder Bravo!

@nstanley not a lot, but we liked it

Went past Paul Daniels’ house on the river. He and Debbie McGee were moving the rabbit run in the garden. White rabbits, naturally.

Sun and champagne on our chauffeured launch on the river. Happy 60th, Dad. (@ Hobbs of Henley w/ 2 others) [pic]:

@ppounder Caalm down, caalm down

Time Flies

iOS app that shows how long it’s been since you did something, e.g. 7 days since I last called my parents

No air con in the office again today, so this post-work ice-cold Corona is going down extremely well.

Fascinating interactive map showing the left/right wing government shifts in European countries over the last 40 years

@JamesLafferty He’s a good hairdresser and good value for money although he’s also a bodybuilder so hopefully he doesn’t use Twitter!

@ioptics He’s great fun, although he disagreed when I suggested they were “conspiracy theories”.

Normally I hate having my hair cut, but today I was treated to Van’s views on free energy in the air that oil companies are keeping from us.

Ask, debrief and warn: three great ground rules for teams

@Tomtids Congratulations to you and Alex.

Scroll Reverser for Mac OS X

I’m using this on my Mac at work so that I’m not flipping between two methods of scrolling at home (Lion) and work (Snow Leopard)

Sunburnt nose. Retreating inside to watch the test match.

I’m at Ben And Jerrys Sundae Double Scoop (Clapham Common, London) w/ 14 others

@BradHaverly Go into Mission Control, move your pointer to the top and a + icon will slide out.

@hobbsy No diffs AFAIK, other than warranties perhaps. I think some of our guys are headed to that conference too. Hmm, shopping list…

@hobbsy You may as well fly to New York to buy one. The airfare’s not much greater than the price difference.

@BradHaverly More to the point, why are you searching for “white dog poo”?

@andrewscrivener That’s a shame: I was just about to Instapaper it. Respect Marco’s decision though.

@clearjanuary They’re getting closer together so you may be right, although there will always be us power users.

Mac OS X Lion is out so it’s time to read John Siracusa’s definitive review

How To Create an OS X 10.7 USB Install Drive

Tech-savvy recruiter @voltsteve on how to manage recruiters and get better results

Mobile UI Patterns

Screenshots of common design patterns on mobile (mostly iPhone)

Amazon Web Services for Ruby

Includes access to S3, EC2, SimpleDB and more, all through the AWS gem.

nginx JSON hacks

Useful tips beyond JSON as well. Proxying, header hacks, hiding API keys, JSONP and more.

dgAway - Android Market

Android app to forward SMSs, auto-respond with a SMS and more.

Set up dgAway (a free Android app) to forward SMSs from my work mobile to my iPhone so hopefully I’ll stop missing texts

Chicken toenails, anyone?

Eating in China. David Sedaris isn’t keen, it’s fair to say.

Guardian's travel and holiday website list


Clever idea: reasonably priced icon set that’s provided as an embeddable @font-face and also as the vectors.

UI Guidelines for Mobile Devices

We’re going to the darts! RT @timblair: in possession of tickets for next year’s Lakeside World Darts #onehundredandeiiiiiighty

HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate

Future Platforms

Mobile app developers from Brighton


Regexes for use in HTML5 input fields for things like postcodes and credit card numbers. Useful regex resource in its own right.

Loving our new recruit @thesambarnes’ list of 20 things that drive project managers crazy. Watch out @globaldev !

The Real Life Social Network v2

Slide deck by an ex-Google+ designer on the challenges of designing social networks that respect our individual groups of contacts with differing strengths of relationship and privacy needs.

Persona: experimental Mac email client with person-centric views /via @ignorethecode

@martinbtt Good luck with your new job today. Hope you haven’t forgotten how to code!

@tomgiddings There’s lots to learn so don’t worry, you’re doing fine!

Choose Cheapium instead of Freemium

Advocates charging a small amount is better than free so as to raise the barrier to entry, signalling desirability, funding hosting and weeding out unwanted users

Note to entrepreneurs: Your idea is not special

Opinions of a Brad Feld (VC): the best executors are often not the first to implement an idea

Performance is a Feature

TripAdvisor Architecture

Insight into TA’s systems and development methodologies. Useful extra detail in the comments.

Ways to Acquire Users (for Free)

Spencer Fry (Carbonmade) suggestions include viral, micro sites, giveaways, following competitors and then eventually paying

Mastering Git Basics by Tom Preston-Werner

~1 hour video by GitHub’s Tom

Conference organiser's handbook

Focuses on cheap and cheerful events organised by volunteers (rather than Future of Xs)

Doing a GTD-style mind sweep of tasks and actions into my new beta @asana account. Starting to believe the hype:

These #NoTW Milly Dowler phone hacking allegations are just astonishing

.@contrast’s new @intercomapp for tracking/managing relationships with site users looks mightily impressive


Free HTML5 video player

@randommelsmum I think I’d get arrested!

There’s a huge pirate bouncy [castle] ship in the nursery school playground behind my house. Insanely jealous.