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August 2011

Last day of the @globalpersonals financial year, we’ve just celebrated our eighth birthday and today has been our best ever revenue day.

Our sources say, on this dramatic transfer deadline day, that it’s JIM WHITE!! #tdd

Hopelessly glued to a breathless Sky Sports News and Twitter. Arteta and/or Benayoun could be on their way #afc #tdd

GitHub Flow

GitHub’s process: always deploy from master, branch from master, submit a pull request when ready, merge and push to master and then deploy immediately.

Developing a RubyGem using Bundler

@JamesLafferty I reckon ‘arry will end up with a deal to sign Modric for £40m, three squad players and some nice cigars

For just one day, when I see the #tdd hashtag my first thought is Transfer Deadline Day rather than Test Driven Development. Footy geek.

It must be Transfer Deadline Day: I’m listening to TalkSport for the latest scraps of transfer gossip… #tdd

Express - node web framework

…a bit like Sinatra for Node.js

Loving the Belle and Sebastian being played (@ The Alma)

@cronkshaw Thoroughly humiliating. Need quick and decisive action if we’re going to make anything out of this season.

@andrewgarner The mighty Shrews eh? Fancy your chances?

Had a full English earlier at the Acoustic Café in Newington Green: best breakfast I’ve ever had

Not in fucking Dalston, but close Skinny jeans and sweatbands a-go-go.

Make Your HTML Email 5.5 Times More Mobile Friendly

(tips are also applicable for websites in general)

Enable HiDPI mode for higher resolution Mac displays

Needs Xcode 4.1 for Lion


Subscriber management tool built into Gmail (GApps) - add/remove people from a list (e.g. Campaign Monitor)

ColdFusion 9 and OS X Lion

Groundhog Day: as with Snow Leopard, Adobe completely unprepared for a new release of OS X, citing other priorities.


Plan and share software project progress within teams or businesses to help communicate roadmaps


“Heroku for Mobile” - data storage, sync, push, users, social integration using Parse’s SDKs for iOS and Android

Barcelona ditching specialists in favour of a “team of midfielders”. Tactics nerdery:


EFF backed project that uses a combination of the standard public data reported by your browser to create a trackable fingerprint, even if cookies are disabled.

evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies

Uses a combination of cookies, LSOs (Flash), Silverlight Isolated Storage, web history, cache, etc. to create a lasting persistent “cookie”. Not sure how permanent this will be but could be useful.

Amazon ElastiCache

Memcached compatible cache nodes on AWS

Bedridden: blurry vision and headache. Thank goodness for TMS.

@jasonkneen Great to hear all the positive tweets this week. Just getting started!

Fetch Media, the Mobile Marketing Agency

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby -- side-by-side reference and cheat sheet

A-Level exam results are out today which must mean it’s time for another batch of sexy jumping girls in the papers!

@ppounder Who was the recruiter? I’ve been contacted before for jobs I’m actually advertising. Frustrating!

The new design is great, but expecting visitors to “be inspired by our lifestyle imagery” is a bit much…

rollout: Condionally roll out features with redis

Roll out features to specific users, groups. percentage of users, etc.

Server Setup (setting up Ubuntu on a Linode instance)

jQuery Waypoints

Execute functions whenever you scroll to an element. Useful for infinite scrolling and sticky elements

Adactio: Journal—Re-tabulate

Switch the display of content and navigation depending on browser size using media query CSS.


Code editor written in JavaScript. Supports tabbing, syntax highlighting, auto-indentation and more. As now used by GitHub.

Just unfollowed Fabregas. No grudge, good luck to him, but I really don’t want to hear him bleat on about how great life is at Barca #afc

Has Face for Rails

Face recognition plugin for Rails that helps to ensure avatars contain a real human face


Global remote testing for functional, security, load, localisation and usability.

Responsive Design Testing

Quickly test a site using common widths for mobile/other devices.

@jontarbuck Try Scroll Reverser on your work Mac

@jasonkneen All set for tomorrow? See you at 9:30. It’s my first day back after hols so we’ll catch up together.

Readjusting to life after holidays and catching up after my self-imposed internet embargo.

@rosswilliams I thought you’d like that. @thesambarnes @ioptics I’m expecting you to take one for the team.

Is this what web recruitment has come to? Successful Zoosk applicants can win a date with Samantha/Steve from its TV ads

Building the SoundCloud mobile site using backbone.js

The SoundCloud team chose jquery-tmpl for templating and extended Backbone to allow for history.pushState to map URLs and added a client side cache with HTML5 sessionStorage.

Discovered a decomposed banana at the bottom of my work bag. Wondered why I could often smell bananas in the office. #seniormoment