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September 2011

@grayhaze Enjoy the feeling! See you on Monday.

@keithclarkcouk We’re looking forward to having you on board too.

Sizing your Rabbit[MQ]s

Strategies for scaling RabbitMQ queues

@CerysBear Thanks very much, Cerys. Panic over :)

@andrewscrivener My caffeine needs were too great for tea at the time, but I do agree otherwise.

Disaster: Espresso coffee machine is kaput so I’m forced to drink Nescafé instant muck #firstworldproblem

Sunset in the Great Park

@larrylou100@stephenfry: Actually, all Comic Sans used as #PlanetWord font w/o my knowledge […] ashamed” << see, I wasn’t the only one!

Yay! This is Jinsy! Sky Atlantic right now. Indescribable.

TextMate Fullscreen on Lion


Ruby framework for writing Campfire bots

Brighton’s Silicon Beach tech cluster finally breaks shore

TC piece about leading tech companies based in Brighton

Flat, simple icons for interface design

Round-up of simple vector icon collections.

@andrew_levett That’s a pretty decent Spotify playlist for the office.

@thesambarnes Nerdgasm!

Why link this to Essex? Just a normal secondary school in England. C4 clearly just going for Essex lulz in its promos. #educatingessex

I’ve blogged for @globaldev again: my write-up of the Future of Mobile conference last week

@johannduplessis One of the perks/curses of the job!

Downloading and searching through a dozen mobile dating apps. For research purposes, you understand.

@cronkshaw @craftyuk Saw this obsessive critique of Singapore pizza and thought of you chaps

All singles should be 7 min double A sides epics sung by Tiny from Ultrasound

It’s just another form of racism

@hobbsy I’ve only ever bought series one of 30 Rock because it was £10. It’s usually cheaper to buy and rip DVDs. Which is tedious.

@gerhardlazu Thanks Gerhard. Very kind of you. Hurry up and move to Windsor so we can have you back!

Ill. Not left home since Friday. Major cabin fever.


Subscription and recurring billing service

@ian_winter Thanks, yeah finally. Will probably put it up on Heroku too.

New blog post: Deciding what film to watch with APIs and Ruby

Why Separate Mobile & Desktop Web Pages?


Normalises styles across browsers but preserves defaults where they’re useful


Another graphing tool for visualising time series data. Built with MongoDB and Node.js

5 subtle ways you’re using MySQL as a queue, and why it’ll bite you

Percona on why MySQL (or any database) is a bad choice for a queue

Public Speaking

Tips from Matt Gemmell on speaking at conferences

Learn How to Shave Like Your Grandpa

@TheGhoti Must be Harry’s iPod?

@ShaunnaLouiseW Good luck with the bump, Shaunna.

At #futureofmobile (@ Mermaid Conference & Events Centre w/ 16 others)

@sevenupcan Saw him at Nine Carols in Hammersmith a couple of years ago. Inspiring chap, plus very nice when we bumped into him outside.

Pie, Cornish ales and excellent chat with Mr @timblair after work.

Dummy credit card numbers

For testing past a site’s pre-validation stage

@cronkshaw Not yet - according to Amazon UK

New Delicious design and new features coming:

All power to Richard Dawkins and his new book that attempts to educate children about science truth vs religious myths

Names are more important than domain names


Online accounting software: small businesses and freelancers. UK friendly and recommended by @swombat

Golden Grid System

Proportional columns, gutters and a baseline grid.


Synchronise browsers on a local network. Follow links across all devices

Use UTF-8 throughout your web stack

Mobile screen resolutions by brand and model


Simple recipes with photos of each step (created by Yongfook)

Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups


Easy key bindings in JS

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup kicking off in NZ earlier, I’m listening to some old Kiwi favourites, Letterbox Lambs

Premium Pixels

Free PSDs and resources for designers by Orman Clark. Lots of lovely little snippets to use freely


Checkout/e-commerce system as used by CulturedCode for purchasing Things

@rosswilliams True and with good reason.

Tyldesley, Townsend, Southgate, The Verve, wafer thin analysis, pathetic jingoistic Sharp idents #thisiswhy I hate watching England on ITV


Audio from this year’s Ampersand Conference available on Huffduffer as a podcast

Mobile development with HTML5

Viewports, caching and jQuery templating

@andrewscrivener Jealous. Your upload speed is twice as fast as my download! :(

Enjoying junk (snail) mail this morning from a “leading IT business” specialising in “Optimising Your Connected World” #marketingguff

@thesambarnes Didn’t think of that. Now you mention it, those looked like full shoeboxes…

At Malmesbury carnival. Just seen a float with kids in hoodies and scarves holding shoeboxes. They’re supposed to be rioters. Really.

@ppounder Equally jealous that you saw them at their hometown gig on the Different Class tour :)

Pulp were excellent at Brixton tonight. Disco 2000 and Babies were my highlights. Jarvis: the perfect frontman.

The downside of a good midweek night out in London: the crappy train service home.

These days I mainly go to gigs of reformed bands from the nineties. Tonight: Pulp in Brixton

Uncovering hidden features of Campfire

Emoji and secret sounds to annoy and confuse your colleagues.