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November 2011

Testpad - iOS App Store Submission Checklist


Ruby on Rails web development company based in Poland

The BBC Micro turns 30

Getting Started with Sass

Nicely written A List Apart article giving the basics behind Sass

Comments Off

Matt Gemmell argues against having comments on his blog. Preference is for someone to blog about his post, tweet back or email.


Time-tracking tool with support for teams and budgets

BERG’s Little Printer: cute wireless mini printer that produces b&w weather, puzzles, headlines and updates via cloud


Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

@RealBradHaverly Bradders, if it’s a bit advanced for you I can get someone to show you how to use it.

@cronkshaw Wish I was on Singapore time…


Write articles in Markdown, save them in a special Dropbox folder and Calepin turns them into static pages hosted at Uses a Python generation tool called Pelican.

@Tomtids Borrowed it, thankfully. Not exactly an everyday gadget.

@grantbunyan Definitely worth it. My stash had been sitting around since early 2000s. Nice Xmas windfall.

The best game ever: sorting my spare change and making ~£150 from thin air

@BenHobson Agreed. Must have that beer soon with L and your lovely other half.

@RealBradHaverly I wondered why I hadn’t seen you tweet for a while.

@randommelsmum Thanks very much :)

@BenHobson Cheers. Er, I’ll have to be careful what I say… Yes, dinner’s out tonight, @larrylou100 only cooks supper.

@RealBradHaverly Cheers Brad. Have you changed your Twitter account? Thought I was following you.

It’s my birthday so I’m enjoying a day off with a lie-in, presents, spot of shopping, tea, Star Wars on Blu-ray and later dinner.

DressRush Pitch Deck

Beautiful one-page pitch deck for startup DressRush’s investors

Full of mussels and strong Belgian beer. About to see Yes, Prime Minister. Fantastic evening (@ Gielgud Theatre)

Belgian dinner with Laura (@ Belgo Centraal) [pic]:

How @jimeh manages Ruby on his local Macs:

Jim's Ruby Development Environment

How @jimeh manages Ruby on his local dev machines: rbenv, bundler aliases, pow, homebrew

@ian_winter I turned it off after Gaga. More pop than I could handle for one night.

@andrewscrivener The stuff of nightmares either way.

Lady Gaga grabs her cock singing “Born this way” for Children in Need concert opener. Now looking at her arse in a thong. All for the kids.

UK's Independent Mobile Classification Body - IMCB

UK code of practice for the self-regulation of new forms of content on mobiles (pdf)

The Real London Tech Startups >> beyond Silicon Roundabout, including @globalpersonals /via @duedil

Dutch Icon(s)

99 sets of iPhone toolbar friendly icons. Available through iStockPhoto

Blatter: “There is no racism… this is a game…. we shake hands”. Kick this buffoon out of football now #blatterout

@nstanley That’s a great example. I think I’ll pick up his book - thanks for the reminder.

@nstanley Looks like that’s David McCandless. I saw that slide as part of his excellent presentation at @dconstruct last year.

@VoltSteve @bensummers Steve, I’m welling up here. Bless you and poor Tripod the dog.

@VoltSteve @bensummers Does that mean you’ll be giving Ben half your fee?

@Tomtids I almost didn’t bother installing Flash after a clean install of Lion. Bit too crashy on a Mac. Who thinks I’m paranoid?

@Tomtids Thanks Tom. Flash blocker used mainly to prevent ads, but it also switches to HTML5 video where available: runs cooler on my laptop

Go Free Range

Shoreditch-based Rails team for hire. Pay per iteration.

The Resumator

Recruiting software and applicant tracking system. Promotes jobs through social networks. Branding, analytics, workflows.

@neilmiddleton Gestures seem snappier, iCloud bookmark syncing to iPhone/iPad, prefer the polish. Good point about the tab processes though.

New article: Switching from Chrome to Safari


Lightweight JavaScript date library

@zheileman I would love to talk to you about a Rails role with us at @globaldev - are you still looking?

@keithclarkcouk Don’t worry, didn’t think that was a dig. Might be useful to have a real handset for in future though.

@keithclarkcouk Can we buy them unlocked?

Nice to see multitasking gestures come to first gen iPads in the iOS 5.0.1 upgrade.


“URL shortening hobby kit” by GitHub devs


Scalable, distributed, master-less database designed to work in the cloud.

Seeing Fountains of Wayne at the Scala in King’s Cross tonight. Looking forward to some proper power pop and tunes.

Evening Standard’s list of the most influential tech people in London:

London's most influential [tech] people 2011


Shared office and networking space in Silicon Roundabout


Coworking and networking shared office space on Commercial Street, London.


REST API to do Direct Debits

jQuery source viewer

See the code and parameters behind jQuery functions


Simple, lightweight, jQuery photo viewer/gallery


Switch between Safari tabs using cmd-1, cmd-2, etc. Uses SIMBL.

Safari Omnibar

Get the Chrome/Firefox all-in-one search and address bar in Safari. Requires SIMBL.

If Flickr had an ego

Dave Winer: “I wish every product had a spokesperson and ego behind it”

Redis: Zero to Master in 30 minutes - Part 1

C4’s #hippo isn’t off to a great start. Dodgy equipment and a naff serious voiceover man. Attenborough wouldn’t stand for this malarkey.

Using Unicorn with Heroku to get more throughput from your dynos

All film posters are the same

Obsessive collection of film poster trends. Love the “legs wide spread” ones.


RABL (Ruby API Builder Language) is a Rails and Padrino Ruby templating system for generating JSON and XML

@andrewscrivener I would love to have an iKettle. Remote activation via your iPhone and a push notification when boiling.

GitHub hosted comments for GitHub hosted blogs

Dynamically displaying Markdown formatted comments from an associated GitHub Issue via jQuery

GitHub Flavored Markdown

Markdown JavaScript library - with GitHub’s extensions like newlines.


JavaScript library for date parsing, offsets, comparisons and conversions.

"How can I set up continuous deployment of a Rails application from GitHub to Heroku?"

via Amazon EC2 instance running Hudson. Author uses Cucumber and RSpec for his tests.

Installing Hubot on Heroku

Great to see @guardian devs given platform to explain: “How a Javascript upgrade brought down our commenting platform”

Enjoying watching the @globaldev engineering team collaborate through sending pull requests in shared @github repos


Rapid Prototyping and Building Framework - by Zurb people

iOS Gmail app out. Not bad. Looks like single account only for now and the scrolling lacks momentum. Embedded web view?

Love the sound of Chaos Monkey - tool that randomly deliberately breaks production instances to test failover /via @dhh

The Netflix Simian Army

“Chaos Monkey” - tool that randomly disable production instances to ensure failover kicks in without service degradation - and other monkeys

"I swapped my MacBook for an iPad+Linode"

(and a wireless keyboard)

GNU Screen Crash Course

GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial


Simplifies event programming in JavaScript with await and defer keywords. Apparently good for Node.js


Asynchronous BDD for Node.js


JavaScript templating framework - auto refreshing, model binding.