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December 2011

@rosswilliams Oh dear. How did she get in there? Looks like she was lured in by a bone.

@ian_winter Mine is 1st gen like Jason’s. Still use it for long journeys though.

About to begin a stunning Christmas lunch at the Hobsons’. Happy Xmas to you.

Handy new service by @jasonkneen RT @tweet4me: We’re here. - scheduled and delayed tweets from ANY twitter client

@johannduplessis Thanks Johann. There’s some interesting stuff underneath. Looking forward to seeing how you use it.

@mr_mcd Thanks very much!

@clearjanuary Yep, that’s right for now. Splash pages being done separately. Phew, thought something was amiss.

@clearjanuary Hmm. App page rather than splash? OK, we’ll investigate. Should also be a mobile link in bottom-right.

@clearjanuary Are you checking on a mobile?

Massive product launch by the team: RT @globaldev: Announcing the @wld mobile web platform


Sinatra extension that improves concurrency of web apps. Powered by EventMachine and EM-Synchrony.

My girlfriend marvels at my ability to recall Sky channel numbers but such skills were honed on Ceefax’s football pages


“Ruby on Rails developers and web usability designers in London” - based in Holborn

@easyjo @jasonkneen There’s a friendly dry cleaners just round the corner on St. Leonard’s Road if you’re looking.

@cronkshaw @craftyuk Nice. Most systems just get turned off. Reassuring that Kinesis had a dignified retirement.

@cronkshaw @craftyuk I could set up a Lotus Notes server too if it would make you feel at home.

@craftyuk Definitely. With @cronkshaw too we could recreate Lilly 2002. You could even live in Camberley!

@cronkshaw @craftyuk I’m clearly a natural in front of the camera! Sign up at as I said at the end :)

@StewartTurton Spot on. Almost there.

Emoji cheat sheet for Campfire and GitHub

In the office with the @globaldev team, watching them put in another epic shift on the biggest project we’ve ever done. So close now.

So proud of my team… RT @jimeh: Someone at my office just got the weirdest secret Santa gift ever.

IT suppliers: time is running out to shamelessly bribe me with Christmas presents to win your business in 2012. Don’t miss out…

Mobile HTML5

HTML5 feature compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices


Send and receive email via an API. Reporting and deliverability management.

Snail mail of the day: a letter from Leeds United FC proposing a partnership to “enhance our biz dev initiatives in 2012"…


Hosted private IRC with a web interface. Integrates with services like GitHub or others via HTTP POST


Think Dropbox without the central server - it syncs files between your computers, hence “unlimited storage”.

Ru3y Manor Videos

St Paul’s School

Great example of a school website, designed by ClearLeft. Easy to find information and responsive too.

Enjoying @benhammersley being interviewed on @radioroundabout. Previously: Run DMC’s festive “Christmas in Hollis”.


Continually reloads HTML/CSS/JS - handy for realtime designing without needing a cmd-tab-cmd-r cycle

EM vs Node

Comparison of EventMachine and Node.js for async. Also discusses frameworks and tools built on top of each.


Asynchronous Ruby framework built on top of EventMachine. Supports HTML5 WebSockets and makes streaming APIs “easy peasy”.

@jasonkneen Disappointed that this wasn’t written by @thesambarnes


Gantt chart (or date range visualiser) library for jQuery

Bootstrap, from Twitter

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.

@nstanley Well it’s mostly mature sites like Silver Cupid so I think I’m safe from any concerns. All good research!

Receiving dozens of emails from competitors’ dating sites meant for “djbarry5” who clearly doesn’t know his own email address.

From media darling, to selling out: 10 mistakes I made with my startup.

thoughtbot playbook

Experiences and best practices from the thoughtbot team

Fluid Baseline Grid

“A sensible HTML5 and CSS3 development kit” - responsive, mobile first, fluid columns and a baseline grid.

Don’t launch your website without solving these

Checklist for websites/apps

API design for humans

What makes a great API - documentation, sensible authentication and RESTful design

Learn Objective-C

Tutorial from Cocoa Dev Central


Hand-drawn icon set for wireframes

Mustache, ERB and the future of templating

Organizing Mobile

Approaches to laying out navigation and information on small screens

Product vs Business vs Company

Favorites 2 UI design

Design process behind an iOS app - lots of screenshots and mockups

Framework for Designing for Multiple Devices


Lightweight, simple Ruby templating language


Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.

@andrewgarner I’ll name him Tom after the other bear in the team.

@clearjanuary They make a satisfying squeak when you wriggle your arse in them.

Moving from SVN to Git in 1,000 easy steps!

The story of Etsy’s move from Subversion to git for their 80-strong dev team.

My office has been seasonally vandalised with horrific Christmas decorations #humbug

Fixed Positioning in Mobile Browsers

Which mobile browsers support it natively and libraries for older devices

The max size for an HTML email is 102K

Guide to undoing commands in git

@jongilbraith @easyjo I’ll be checking underneath my car before leaving tonight

List of Roger Ebert's favourite films

I was enjoying this article on corporate nonsense-speak until the author advises we “internalize” its lesson #irony

Battling bravely through man-flu but my voice is laughably pathetic. With a day of meetings ahead I’m going to be doing a lot of listening.

Xmas tree bought to keep @larrylou100 quiet. I’ve been banned from putting any tinsel on :(

Just had a “someone on the internet is wrong” moment but simply closed the browser rather than submit an infantile snarky reply.


Phone call and SMS alerts for monitoring a live system. Includes rotas and scheduling.

@2by Well I wouldn’t go that far… Michael McIntyre needn’t worry.

My hometown Chelmsford are playing Macclesfield for a place in the FA Cup third round for the first time in my lifetime. Come on Clarets!

@2by All brand new material. Not as dark, some jokes even a bit topical. Very funny show. He’s playing Leic Sq Theatre throughout December.

@AL0sborne @tomgiddings Quite right, Alex. Now to burn off the calories with a good night’s sleep. #winning

@tomgiddings @AL0sborne I ate a Ramsey’s Grill masterpiece. Doner. Garlic mayo. All the veg. Jealous much?

@cronkshaw Far more civilised. And a far warmer climate I would guess. Meanwhile I’m salivating at the thought of doner meat. Bootiful.

@cronkshaw Went straight from work to the West End. Late train home and will drop in on Ramsey’s Grill. Gordon isn’t affiliated…

Today I have eaten only porridge, scallops and rocket. I could murder a kebab.

Stewart Lee signed my “Jerry Springer: The Opera” DVD after his gig tonight. A lovely, funny man although not terribly fond of Twitter.


Be alerted when a rogue variable is declared in the global namespace.