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January 2012

Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email delivery

How 37signals send their transactional email themselves

Using the Fullscreen API in browsers

Use JS to go full screen - including elements like video. Works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari

In App Purchases: A Full Walkthrough

(Unverified) guide to setting up and testing in-app purchases for iOS devices

@cronkshaw One of the best. Cuttlefish and asparagus… or vanilla paste?


Social dating using Facebook to “vouch” for your friends

Trawling through a 44-page Apple licence agreement. Really don’t want to end up as a HumancentiPad

Very late train, noisy kids and the stench of vomit. Gotta love public transport.

@nstanley Where some see a grave, others a cat loo, it’s telling that you think of a lady garden! Interesting psychology study.

@Haribocheeks That’s a much nicer suggestion than cat toilet or grave!

@TheGhoti Ha! The Filthiest Mind award goes to Mr M Harman…

@mr_mcd It’s been pointed out that “your back garden” makes it 10x filthier. Surrounded by perverts!

@gerhardlazu A very small cat with short legs perhaps :)

@jasonkneen Outdoor litter tray. Nice.

@mr_mcd Not sure if that says more about your filthy mind, or about me!

@clearjanuary Just needs a headstone and some flowers.

Why would you have such a tiny strip of grass in your back garden?

The web was born in France, not Switzerland

CERN straddles the border and the exact location where Tim Berners-Lee invented it was on the French side.

Baby in office = lots of clucking

Using Omnifocus for GTD


Provides an irb session to a running ruby process - very handy for debugging

@clearjanuary Nah, don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that. I’m sure some nefarious types are though #dontbeevil

Before O2 do the right thing and stop putting their customers’ numbers in headers, we could store them for advertising. Just a thought…

Modern Pictograms

Free icon font for embedding via @font-face

The Strange Face project: photos of people listening to a lost recording of Nick Drake’s Cello Song

@beng Can I ask what the 3-day event in Berkshire is (your tweet just RT’d by @rubymanor), assuming it’s Ruby? Bit nearer to me than London.

@cronkshaw Haven’t seen them for years. Looking forward to it, thanks.

@andrewscrivener Lack of OTA sync on Things is its big drawback. Thanks for the OF thumbs up. I’ll persevere with the trial.

@jasonkneen Bit expensive for an impulse purchase! Check out the OF Getting Things Done (GTD) tutorial

@jasonkneen Ooh, that’s quite handy.

@neilmiddleton Lots of OCD and odours by the look of it.

I spend all day in Things on Mac/iPhone but I’m becoming quite tempted by Omnifocus. Pricey, but strong recommendations. Any fans out there?

Gigs for Ultrasound on Thursday and Kaiser Chiefs on Saturday this week, plus booked to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in March

@boffbowsh Poor old Fabric I’m guessing? It was ahead of its time sniff

@andrewscrivener I love the new mirroring feature. Finally bought it using the 30% discount.

MacBook Air 2011 Heat and Fan Noise Issues

Includes instructions on resetting the SMC.

@AaronNeale Thanks, but we have a PSL and are not considering new recruiters.

Apparently slap cheek is a real disease for children and not a boys’ school jape.

@nstanley If that’s your usual present, I’m inviting you to my christening next week :)

Lunchtime mission to buy some sort of silver-based christening present for a friend’s little girl completed.

@skrivr Thanks for the invite but I’d rather not give access to my whole Dropbox. Would you consider using a folder in /Apps like Calepin?


Ruby static site generator, supporting HAML, SASS and more. Use before filters, layouts, helpers and more. Can even run as a server.


Video conferencing in HD from Logitech

Buried under a 17-email boss laptop sync. Send help.

@contrast Congratulations and good luck on the full-time gig. Just promise you’ll keep writing and sharing your must-read articles.

@tomgiddings The content was good, I just didn’t enjoy the delivery. Each to their own.

This Baker Brothers tosh on C4 is unwatchable. Rage rising. They’re smugger than Simon Cowell with the only parachute.

Off to Windlesham to see a house.

Dear SaaS app developers, please add a field for a finance/accounts email address to send any receipts rather than the account owner. Thx.

Enjoying @herpderpedia’s RTs of some very confused Wikipedia visitors (“What does Wikipedia have against soap?”). #sopa


Cross-platform app framework. HTML5/CSS3/JS => Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE

15 Credit/Debit Card Icons

Gabble - Yammer Mac client

Fancy Hands

Virtual PA service

@CerysBear I wish I hadn’t just googled that.

@cronkshaw Yep, last night. Great entertainment and we had very close seats. Ted Hankey the biggest name. Not exactly PDC quality :)

Off to the BDO darts with @ian_winter @timblair and @debbie.

@hobbsy Nice. What’s the quality like? Looking forward to seeing them increase their selection.

True Sparrow Systems

Rails agency based in India who built

@swombat I registered my company on the Companies House site. Easy and v quick. One of your articles inspired me to do so at Xmas in fact!


Control your Mac with an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Keyboard, multi-touch trackpad and remote

@jimeh Colourful.

Ruby on Rails with Nginx on CentOS 5 on Linode

Subtle Patterns

Free textures for web design

Similar concept to Calepin - use your Dropbox to publish a Markdown-formatted blog

@larrylou100 You’d like that book too… RT @NivenJ1: I do think Kirstie Allsop’s Crap would be an awesome book.

@hobbsy Went well initially - lost about ½ stone but then I got lazy over Christmas. Scales were definitely worth it. Back on it for 2012.


Ejects external disks before your Mac goes to sleep


The Goldilocks Approach to Responsive Web Design

illy issimo

High profile commercial site using responsive design