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February 2012

@boffbowsh @mmazour I walked out after the third speaker started droning on about app stores. The future for mobile: not these companies.

AT&T guy slowly reading out presentation slides at the start of a session on innovation in mobile. Uninspiring. #mwc12

@cronkshaw Nope. Photo happily taken with an iPhone 4S.

@grayhaze Might be tricky: Android’s a little on the large side… just like his phones! Boom boom!

You should Heroku

Advocacy for bootstrapping with Heroku and avoiding sysadmin tasks for as long as you can

Enjoying a glossy presentation on Arsenal’s global mobile marketing at #mwc12. Nice to see Arshavin’s goal against Barca shown on big screen

@timblair I don’t think anyone has found a use for cows yet.

Hearing about cows painted with QR codes at #mwc12. Finally found a use for them.

@GSMA_Care Thanks. It was for the Bret Taylor session. I’ve found the answer.

@mobileworldlive Can I watch his presentation here at MWC or is this online only?

I’m at GSMA Mobile World Congress (Av. Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, Barcelona) w/ 329 others

@grayhaze Got it. I hear there’s one with a projector in it too. Bonkers.

@grayhaze I’ll pay attention to those big grey Android rectangles you like. I’m sure there’ll be hundreds of them to tell you about :)

Settling in to Barcelona with @rosswilliams, ready for #mwc12 to kick off in the morning.

@cronkshaw This TV lounge at Heathrow isn’t quite the same. Gutted I couldn’t take your seat!

@boffbowsh Interesting. I’ve a soft spot for Pompey. Spurs + Saints means you’re a double scummer!

@boffbowsh Not another Spud?! Stick to the gridiron :)

Heading to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress #mwc12 next week. North London Derby to watch at the airport first. Come on you reds!

How to ACTUALLY Get More Twitter Followers

(without using automation and other black hat methods)


Resque-compatible messaging/worker system for Ruby

@jameswestgate Sounds good. Send me their CV and I’ll take a look.

The saddest sound: the pathetic clunk-whir of a broken hard disk trying in vain to boot up. Bugger. Time to upgrade my home iMac to SSD

@iainhaywood Ooh, she was first in the line when god was giving out………….. chests.

Watership Alan: my favourite Partridge, now on Dave. That Chris Morris interview, Simon Pegg and Peter Baynham with a voicebox #spineinabap

Blur/New Order/Specials in Hyde Park on 12 August? Don’t mind if I do. Good work on the phones, Mr Mowatt.

PAC Codes: How to transfer your mobile number when switching networks

Cesc, put your tongue back in. Also, can you come back to Arsenal please? #brits

Chuckling at One Direction boy thanking Radio 1 listeners for an award sponsored by Capital FM. Imagining PR exec bollocking them backstage.

@andrewscrivener Yep, I had a play with the beta’s separate database and it worked well. Looking forward to merging in my non-beta tasks.

@IanVaughan Ah, the Apple UK keyboard bodge. You should get used to that alt-3 combo, but you can re-map the £ symbol if it’s too painful.

Move Me

Guides, checklists and quotes for tasks when moving home.

(via Instapaper)

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How to Acquire a Domain Name (That Someone Already Owns)

Collaborative writing tool - hosted Etherpad Lite

@boffbowsh Just across the road from the station. Lovely views too.

Setting up our new London office with @ian_winter (@ Global Personals (London))

Really enjoying Fantastic Mr Fox. Classic Wes Anderson touches and casting, but where’s the Futura?

Staying in a stunning 15th century inn for @larrylou100’s birthday. King’s Suite (probably haunted).

Not sure it’ll replace Things, but Clear is fun to play with. Love the little touches, like unlocking a Tweetbot theme

@fifthposition Thanks very much for tweeting a link to my article, Ben. Always nice to see someone’s read something I’ve written!

@TheGhoti Exactly. United should have black socks. Liverpool’s whole kit should be red. Don’t get me started on sponsors…

Horrific Arsenal kit: more Man U than theirs! Black? Should be red shirt, white sleeves/shorts/socks RT @GarethDParker

@cronkshaw The most romantic gift I’ve received on V Day.

I like Valentine’s Day when I’m given Fist of Fun as a present (not a euphemism)

@clearjanuary I do love analysts and their bonkers predictions. Classic trolling.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example

A short book getting you started on Rails. Includes use of git and deployment on Heroku.

Neat tip towards the end of this article on combining CSS or JS files through Liquid includes on a Jekyll site

@jasonkneen Having a play :) Nice user interface and cute little touches.

Domain Appraisal -

Individual or bulk valuation of domain names.


Barcelona-based Rails developers. Organising the Barcelona Ruby Conference in September 2012.


Heroku add-on to allow multiple accounts with Heroku - useful for separating work/personal.

Google are opening “Campus” in East London: office and event space spanning seven floors for startups

@agit8or Damn. I’ll just have to pay tax on my earnings like everyone else.

I’ve decided to open an offshore account so that my boss can do something special tax-free for me each month, just like Milan did for Harry.

@larrylou100 No, those hacks are journalists not projects made by developers hacking

“E-Pro” by Beck is my new jam. ♫ #thisismyjam


Run Capistrano recipes from a GitHub repo via a web interface

@robyoung26 Looking forward to seeing you in the morning, Rob.


Admin framework plugin for Rails applications

@userplane Poor preparation on my part: was using a new laptop and the MySQL homebrew recipe was broken. SQLite was a good replacement.

Panic! Where has the day gone? Just over an hour to go of the Hack Day #gdhackday

Our hack may not have sexy visualisations but it’ll be damn useful /cc @timblair

Using Twitter’s Bootstrap for the first time #gdhackday

git: I love you and hate you in equal measures #gdhackday

Dusting off my coding keyboard ready for a day of hacking at our first @globaldev Hack Day #gdhackday

Open plan offices reduce productivity by 66%

Using ControlPlane to automatically toggle wi-fi and Bluetooth when switching between using my MBA at home and work


Configure it to toggle wifi or switch default printers based on rules such as being plugged into a named display or the power adapter. Forked from MarcoPolo.

TV’s #ripoffbritain demonstrates why some people just shouldn’t be allowed credit or debit cards