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March 2012

@boffbowsh Huge fan. Tucker’s Law?

@jasonkneen Nice try, JK. #arsefeckgirls

@boffbowsh Can’t beat a bit of Sorkin. Armando Ianucci’s Veep promises great things too if you like your ‘merkin comedy.

Arriving late at Slough on a Saturday night to find the Windsor train is still waiting = Big Win.

@jasonkneen Just a word of warning: My other half needed subtitles for the first series. Robust language for Wiltshire folk!

@boffbowsh @jasonkneen Start with The Wire. Best drama series of the last decade. 30 Rock for comedy.

I’ve seen hundreds of gigs but Jarvis Cocker stands head and shoulders above all others as best front man. Peerless.

Stunning venue for a gig. (@ Royal Albert Hall) [pic]:

Made from 100% pear

End of financial year you say? RT @SkyNewsBreak AA: Increased sales from panic buying will bring in more than £32m in extra fuel excise duty

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Spam from CheetahMail about engaging with customers via email has no unsubscribe link… I’m told to contact their client services team #fail

“Is it a condom, or is it an Android?”

What’s in a Name?

Is it a condom or is it Android?

Optimus Alive 3-day festival in Lisbon in July booked up. Headliners: The Stone Roses, The Cure and Radiohead. Result.

Yongfook's Tokyo Eating Tips

“The BBC Micro can still teach us a lot”

cldwalker/tux · GitHub

The rumours are true. How I’m giving Essex reality queen @laurenpope a boost:

@ronan_shields You should try for a RT from Heat. Thanks for doing the article and good luck with those dating site ideas.

@tomgiddings You’d never want to work with any of them. Great telly though.

These shouty women are terrifying #theapprentice

@jasonkneen No quibbles so far. Lack of push doesn’t bother me, I used manual on Mail anyway. Unified stars view is great.

I’ve replaced Mail with Sparrow in my iPhone’s dock. Review:

@cronkshaw Southwhere?

Chelmsford (my birthplace) has been awarded city status - the only city in Essex. In your face, Colchester #essexboy

@cronkshaw Loving the interviews: TV5 and Theo both calling out Spurs. 3rd is on!

@cronkshaw GET IN!

“He’s like a weird Mark Owen” - @larrylou100 on Tomas Rosicky.

Simple SaaS remote usability testing. Used by Twitter, Carsonified, Zappos, etc.

ForeSee Results

Surveys, feedback, customer experience analytics. Used by the Guardian.

Roast beef, sticky toffee pudding, Merlot and now watching the Rosbifs winning in Paris. A good Sunday.


Recommendify is a ruby/redis based recommendation engine. The recommendations can be updated/processed incrementally and on multiple hosts.

I’m at O2 Academy Islington for The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (16 Parkfield St, London) w/ 2 others

@jasonkneen nope. Gig. Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

@jasonkneen Just been coughed on by a drunk old man. The glamour of north London!

Who chooses a Wetherspoons to meet in when you’re in Islington?

@robyoung26 @boffbowsh’s Explosions in the Sky went down well earlier too I thought.


Manages expenses, scans receipts and creates reports. Mileage, analytics, etc.

@cronkshaw Screaming, vomiting, shitting and squawking Leeds people. Still, it’s better than Gypsy Weddings. You left at the right time…

@ian_winter I’ll settle for a cat instead.

Other half is watching One Born Every Minute just a little too intently. I’ve already been shushed twice.

Responsive Navigation Patterns

Pros and cons of the different approaches for presenting navigation in responsive designs


London-based digital agency (with a nice website).

@sheenius Could you let me know her member ID and I’ll investigate? It’s included in any emails from her dating site.

@clearjanuary It’s a second office. Main team still in Windsor but adding additional space for London-based devs.

@StevieBuckley Thanks Steve. Best of luck with your new PM journey too.

Settling in to the new @globalpersonals London office. Pretty nice view. (@ Global Personals (London)) [pic]:

@IanVaughan Brilliant. Ours keeps asking Rob if this is the right way.

Heading to new office by Waterloo Station from Windsor. Taxi driver: “Is that near King’s Cross?” I don’t think he’d pass The Knowledge.

Also enjoying watching Spurs being stuffed again. An unusually good weekend of results for Arsenal

Enjoying a Mediterranean G&T: Bombay Sapphire gin, Fever Tree tonic water and a sprig of lemon thyme.

How Not To Sell Software in 2012

It should be as easy as humanly possible to try it, pay for it, and start using it in production.

Google Venice Update = Big Algorithm Boost for Local

Kevin’s experiments following the latest changes in Google’s search algorithm, showing that local organic results are now getting a big boost.

@andrewgarner It’s not seamless. I want the phone app to detect I’m calling an iPhone on 3G/wifi but fall back to the carrier if not.

@tedel Thanks for the interest, but these are dating sites running on our platform. We don’t advertise third parties on the WLD site.

Just imagining, but if anyone could shake up complacent carriers to price plans based on data usage and allow iVoice, Apple could.

What if iOS 6 came with iVoice: phone app pushed free voice between iPhones over 3G/wifi falling back to carrier, similar to iMessage/SMS.