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April 2012

@DelboyJH @BFeery @LukeB Enjoy MOTD, lads :)

"Moms We’d Like To Fund"

Advocates targeting your startup’s product/service at families and parents. Social media usage and app buying by US mums massively rising.

@BenHobson “Gusty was mental, he was evil”. Yep, she’s pretty much dead inside.

@BenHobson We’ve been scarred to make us tougher. Laura failed to be moved by Simon and Garfunkel’s masterpiece. She’s a heartless monster.

@BenHobson Nonsense. Bright Eyes has me blubbing like a schoolgirl.

I wish @guardian’s mobile site had proper page titles rather than “”, especially when I Instapaper articles on my phone. Metrics - Building Clickatron

How stores analytics in its Clickatron system

Marked Bonus Pack (scripts, commands and bundles)

Using Marked with popular editors and code watchers


Tool to convert inline Markdown to referenced Markdown and vice versa


London Facebook/mobile/web agency

@TheGhoti Half their team are suspended so it’s set up for José to rub Roman’s nose in it.

@JamesLafferty Of course poor John Terry didn’t mean to knee Sanchez!

Conflicted: I hate Chelsea and would hate for them to win the Champions’ League, but can’t help wanting them to keep Barcelona out.

If your business depends on its payment gateway for online payments an outage isn’t merely an “inconvenience” it means you’re losing money.


ZooKeeper-based automatic master/slave failover solution for Redis in Ruby

Atelier Olschinsky’s Cities Series

@Tomtids Good point. No fears over the hosepipe ban this week.

Raining again :( SL4 3/10 #ukrain

@BenHobson You’re never allowed to watch Arsenal again.

If you haven’t already seen, we launched a new @globaldev site at alongside @globalpersonals’ at

Back in the office after a splendid week away and pleased to find our well-oiled machine humming away.


Bring full AirPlay and AirTunes to your Mac


AirPlay your Mac’s screen to Apple TV

I am a Draw Something widow /cc @larrylou100


Memcached client for Ruby

@JamesLafferty Thanks James. He was early so that was my first thought too!

Happy to report I’ve become an uncle to baby George this afternoon. Congratulations to my sister @MissSpanna and Stu.