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May 2012

@jasonkneen Are you really at W&E Central or do you mean Riverside?

Nezumi for Heroku

Manage Heroku apps from your iPhone

New post: RT @globalpersonals: Hiring at London’s Silicon Milkroundabout fair /cc @milkroundabout

“1985” by Human Don’t Be Angry is my new jam. ♫

Recruiting at Silicon Milkroundabout (@ The Old Truman Brewery w/ @rosswilliams)

Gmail Plugin in the App Gallery on SoundCloud

With source on GitHub for Chrome and Firefox extensions

"10 reasons why I switched to Spine.js"

Comparison with Backbone.js and reasons why the author prefers Spine.js as a Javascript framework.

Wireframing for Web Apps

Common mistakes and tips to communicate effectively when wireframing


iPad code editor with GitHub and Heroku support

From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz

“The original rationale for the open-plan office, aside from saving space and money, was to foster communication among workers […] But it turned out that too much communication sometimes had the opposite effect”

Forest, Villa and now Chelsea have won this thing. Arsenal, time to join them.

Right, Abramovich, time to take your money out of Chelsea. You’ve achieved what you wanted.

@grantbunyan At the West End school fair with Laura. Are you guys around?

@LouBearweasel Thanks very much for all your help this week. Enjoy that well-deserved wine tonight.


TV appliance for Skype calls on a TV without a computer


Query analysis tool for Redis, built by Instagram developers

The Toolbox

Directory of useful single-page sites, tools, widgets and apps for web site developers.


Map service with free and commercial licensing. Used by Foursquare. Tile creation tool.

@gerhardlazu Ta. I think that’s the best option.

@easyjo Thanks. They were my first choice but just look dull.

@nstanley That would be my choice too. At least there’s a way back to OS X. Might go for Sony.

Looking to buy a flashy, premium PC desktop (not for me, of course) but no idea where to start. Recommendations?

.@github Pages has been a bit flaky recently. Our stats show two hours of downtime in total in the last week.

Lineker asking Hansen if he’s ever seen anything like today. 26 May 1989 at Anfield he certainly did… #motd

Happy St Totteringham’s Day, Spuds! Amazing day of football all round.

@kevgibbo Thanks Kevin. Exciting news for us - and partners too :)

Champagne in the @globalpersonals London office to celebrate the Smooch acquisition

How to use jQuery with a JSON Flickr feed to display photos

@alexparish Works beautifully, well done. I was wondering when @Tastebuds would appear on Spotify.

Useful maps and advice for dealing with the inevitable travel chaos during the Olympics

CSS Arrows

jQuery Knob

Knobs, dials and segments

@cronkshaw Spot on. I’ve used the new bullseye logo as a wallpaper. The rest of the site’s pretty good too.

An even better guide (with tables!) on the distinction between a blog and its posts:

When is a blog not a blog? When it’s a sodding blog post! Alas, @gyford is probably fighting a losing battle:

2 hours and counting in this taxi. London + cars = pain.

I love the classy bullseye Arsenal logo that’s part of the new kit campaign (hi-res version made by @arsenalreport)

@robyoung26 @mmazour I have a pair of 10.1s with my Arcam. Love the Diamond range.

Listening to Beastie Boys. RIP Adam Yauch.

Neighbours are on holiday so it’s play-songs-loud night at Frost Towers. @larrylou100 has selected Mel and Kim’s Respectable. Shameful.

Google Maps free alternatives


JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade. Uses OpenStreetMap.

RailsConf 2012 Schedule

Videos of the RailsConf presentations, including DHH’s keynote


Project Management Software for Freelance Web Developers (another Basecamp-y PM system)


Team inbox and chat for dev teams - a bit like Campfire with social integration.

Join me and sponsor Brian Blessed’s world record Space Hopper bounce attempt for the very worthy Cystic Fibrosis Trust

@mr_mcd I’ve got a shitlist of inept recruiters as long as my arm. We’re doing our third Silicon Milkroundabout this month. Worth a go?

Best part of working in our London office: lunch from Lower Marsh market. Today was a Chicken Keema burrito from Chula

@ian_winter Good work. Congratulations to you and Jenn.