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June 2012

Art of the Title: gorgeous responsive design and typography

Sod it. Right, Father Ted on More 4 has just started.

500 Greatest Albums of All Time | Rolling Stone


Python interface to Amazon Web Services

Getting football withdrawal symptoms.

The most intriguing part about this IFTTT announcement is their support for Belkin’s (upcoming) WeMo devices. Want one

Openreach - Superfast fibre broadband - Where and when

Postcode search for when your exchange is scheduled to get “super-fast” fibre broadband.

@thesambarnes I would have thought Slough would be FTTC. I’ll keep quiet then. :)

@jasonkneen That’s put things in perspective. Also this is clearly a #firstworldproblem - back to the football!

@boffbowsh Not according to Sam Knows. Outside cable area too.

@jasonkneen Ouch. I wouldn’t mind but I’m moving closer to London!

Dismayed to discover that the best broadband speed I can hope for in my new house will be a pathetic 4Mbps. May as well live on the moon.

@cronkshaw But knowing Arsenal we’ll probably storm through September then have our slump at Christmas.

Premier League fixtures for 2012/13 announced. September looks especially tricky for Arsenal

Barclays Premier League 2012/13 fixtures

September looks like a very tough month for Arsenal

@AL0sborne @boffbowsh I sense a new globaldev blog post: dating tips from two of our own!

@boffbowsh @jasonkneen Lesson learned: check your ifttt tasks more carefully before letting them tweet recursively.

@jasonkneen @thesambarnes @andrewscrivener Bollocks. 4sq fail. Sorry about that!

@ian_winter Define “play” !

@hobbsy I’m seeing them next month in Lisbon and would be gutted if Reni is missing. Hoping this a storm in a teacup.

Beautiful web type - examples of the best Google web typefaces /via @sevenupcan

Beautiful web type - examples of the best Google web typefaces /via @sevenupcan

Heading to Queen’s Club to watch the theoretical tennis. Play looks unlikely given the rain today.

@IanVaughan Yep. You then also get push updates to your calendars.

@JamesLafferty Love it.

Explaining to a dismayed @larrylou100 that Euro 2012 means constant football every day forever

@thesambarnes I love the radiator that may be hot.

@jasonkneen Perfect. What point is there in getting a new appliance if it’s not nerdy or gadgety too?

@jasonkneen Ooh I’m shopping for dishwashers and was considering a Bosch. Which did you go for?

Metrics-Driven Engineering at Etsy

A fantastic insight into Etsy’s ops/engineering teams and how they bake metrics collection and monitoring into everything they do

Ideal ops checklist

“In a perfect world, where things are done well, not just quickly, I would expect to find the following when joining your company…”

Dear Spain, give us Messi, Ronaldo and enough jamón for everyone and you can have your bailout.

@TheGhoti Hmm… I haven’t seen Katie in a while… Buried under your patio?

@cronkshaw Cheers Jeff. A homeowner at long last.

@Tomtids Cheers Tom. Looking forward to it. Time to leave the royal confines of Berkshire.

@TheGhoti Indeed. Not sure why they’re letting the likes of me move there.

@ian_winter And don’t forget the buying of white goods. I’m coveting a fridge/freezer with an ice dispenser…

@tomgiddings Thanks Tom.

@nstanley Ha, thanks and congrats to you too. I’ll worry about the market in a few years time. Time to enjoy the feeling - my first buy.

@AaronNeale Thanks Aaron.

Finally exchanged contracts on our new house! Moving to Virginia Water in Surrey next month.

@clearjanuary Ah, some splendid young ladies. Mute button also helps.

Superb business card (albeit only for the hopefully short lifespan of that bloody song) /via @iamcal

@thesambarnes @boffbowsh I won the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup as Arsenal and also a full international. Easy. Come along, Sam.

Building for multiple devices

My conversion to the dark side of management is complete: a pre-launch demo to me of a fully-tested new feature broke at first attempt.

@tomgiddings Just means users write it on a post-it kept under their keyboard.

The world’s worst password requirements list

Nice touch: each @GitHubJobs tweet is geo-tagged with the job’s location. Metadata doesn’t count towards 140 char limit = more description.

@cronkshaw I can only apologise for your inevitable upcoming addiction. I’ve just won the Champions’ League with Arsenal.

@thesambarnes Just bought a helicopter. Be warned: it’ll destroy your bank holiday.

Hopelessly addicted to New Star Soccer. Part football management sim, part arcade game and part RPG.