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August 2012

AppleScript for Sending Frontmost Safari Tabs to OmniFocus

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@barryf Ah, the sick feeling. Hate that. I say this is the chance to get that new body kit you always wanted...and alloys...

@BenHobson …and a massive sub in the boot so the Surrey crew can hear me coming. Brrap brrap.

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@barryf Thanks very much mate, the ladder is all I could have ever hoped for! Seriously. Hope the car isn't in too bad a shape...

@BenHobson Ha, thanks. I’ve got over the sick feeling now. I’m just an idiot.

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In other news, just bought a house.

@BenHobson Congratulations on the house and a belated happy birthday for yesterday. Hope the ladder does the job.

Very impressive - responsive design and gorgeous web fonts RT @BenHobson: Everyone check the relaunched Vogue site -

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UK mates read this --> @StarHub 150Mbps Fibre Home BroadBand plan + FREE 1.2 Mbps mobile broadband @ $47.94/month!" Thats 24quid per month.

@cronkshaw I’m lucky if I get 3Mbps with Sky/Easynet sobs

Discovered today that you can diff two documents in Word, either side-by-side or via annotations. Handy.


Slick Mac VPN proxy service

Cake Me Caroline

Cake-making friend of Grant’s

Just held a department meeting between 30+ staff in London, Windsor and Sydney over Skype and FaceTime on an iPad. Tricky but it worked.

Bug, Veep, Alan Partridge, Bad Sugar, Hunderby, A Touch Of Cloth… pretty much all the best new comedy is on Sky Atlantic/One these days.

Great Foo Fighters setlist at Reading: plenty of first album favourites.

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Oh my god this makes me feel unreasonably old:
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@Loud_one @boffbowsh I just know @AL0sborne would be all over this too. They’re having a right old play now!

@thesambarnes @Loud_one @boffbowsh @AL0sborne Kittencam now playing on our TV. Brilliant.

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I completely forgot bloody Crouch still plays football for Stoke....

@cronkshaw This is the only Stoke match I can stomach each season so easy to forget who plays for them. Hate the team and the fans.

@neilmiddleton Sorry to hear that, Neil. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

The week’s two best memes in one. Superb. RT @thedailymash Harry photos ruined by old Spanish woman

@easyjo Maybe it’s like Y2K and they under-estimated the number of digits needed to store your visits count?

STM Alley Air small laptop bag


Facebook’s suite of open source tools for code review, bug tracking, source browsing and documentation

Very Simple Pusher And ColdFusion Powered Chat

Chirp.js — Tweets on your website, simply.

@cronkshaw Cheers, Jeff. Just wish the freeze frame wasn’t quite so gormless!

Man Utd’s new checked shirt must look propah nice with a Burberry cap on Yeovil High Street.

@jimeh And now you’re making up for lost time :)

@jimeh I was using ARM CPUs in my Acorn Archimedes computers back in the 80s. Great British engineering.

@thesambarnes @boffbowsh Damn you, Barnes. Just been sucked back in to that infernal game.

C4 is repeating Brass Eye starting tonight. If you’ve never seen it then watch and marvel. Just as relevant today as in the nineties.

@boffbowsh Where Young Boys usually play.


UK company offering virtual switchboard, IVR and virtual numbers

In Hyde Park ready for the Blur/New Order/Specials Olympics closing gig. Never seen so many picnics!

Soda Theme for ST2

Sublime Text 2 theme, designed for Mac. Has accompanying colour scheme.

@cronkshaw I also liked “The Destroyer”. She has a pink litter tray, sparkly collar and pink brush so it wouldn’t have been quite right…

@TheGhoti I’ll send her out for the papers in the morning.

Meet Poppy, our new housemate. I wasn’t allowed to call her Megatron.

Too busy to read this article about always being too busy… so I Instapaper’d it. I hear it’s good though.

@alexparish Excellent, thanks. Busy busy. Hope you and Julian are doing well.

@alexparish Currently using Reeder. Byline’s good too.

Inside Google's quirky new London headquarters

@belkin When is the Wemo coming to the UK? I’d love to buy one here.

Blank faces in the Maida Vale audience for Popscene. Plastic Blur fans.

Watching Blur’s Maida Vale gig on BBC Red Button in preparation for Sunday’s Olympics Hyde Park closing show. Spine-tingling This is a Low.

I’ve finally got broadband up-and-running at home. Two weeks of dog-slow GPRS over mobile are mercifully over.

@GrahamM_6t9 Ta. It’s powered by bitly’s free custom domain feature.

@andrewgarner Beans, biscuits and Dr Pepper?

@ian_winter Almost as dangerous as clicking around Battersea Dogs & Cats Home