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September 2012

@cronkshaw Gutted.

Teams being announced. The boos for Terry louder than for Cole. It’s going to be spicy.

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@barryf Tweet us a seat pic. Here's to JT getting sent off :-)

@cronkshaw Beautiful day in north London. Come on you reds!

Off to the Emirates for Arsenal v Chelsea courtesy of Singapore-based @cronkshaw (cheers mate). Expecting a few goals from both sides.

Functional Monitoring with Listerine

Creating Redirects with Jekyll

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@boffbowsh @barryf Why do that when you can pay $50 and not use like me and the cool kids :-)

@andrewscrivener @boffbowsh You may as well try Tent as well. Decentralisation is a smart approach.

Having a play with Tent using’s implementation

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We already know that @globaldev's Hack Day was a resounding success! PROOF: Even the Royal Borough Observer thought so!

“It stimulates the part of the brain called Shatner’s Bassoon.” #drusglive

So this is a Brass Eye repeat, yeah? #drugslive

Wildcard DNS - useful for local mobile testing. e.g. resolves to

Anonymous Call Rejection

Block any calls with BT if there’s no caller ID. For if the cold calls get too much…

5 Stellar Tips to Starting a Successful Business

10 Ways To Create An Open Culture

Why Eyeballs No Longer Matter For Startups

@PaulCaudell Yeah, about 8 years for me. I’m loath to change it because of scammers though. Bastards.

@PaulCaudell Texting STOP doesn’t help - different number every time. If people didn’t fall for it then I suppose they’d stop texting.

Another day, another PPI spam text

Lost email flags after upgrade to iOS6 with Gmail/GApps via Exchange? Add your domain in settings

There have been queues across the street outside Clinton’s Cards in Windsor for the last hour for the closing down sale. Baffling.

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@barryf How's the home button?

@clearjanuary Much clicker than a 4/4S. So far so good.

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.@barryf after relying on Apple for the 5 and berating Orange about the sim guess which one I've got? grrrrr #iPHONE5

@nstanley Mine’s on Orange but I wasn’t expecting it today - wasn’t confirmed. Nice surprise.

First iPhone 5 delivery in the office! In your faces, suckahs!

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@barryf @ifttt they used they api to build their business, now they're cutting everyone off....appnet?

@agit8or It’s such a shame but you could see it coming. Plus ça change… At least appdotnet works with @IFTTT

Latest inexplicable Twitter fuckwittery: just received an email saying I’ll no longer be able to use @IFTTT to archive my tweets :(

Simple solution if you don’t like Apple’s new Maps app in iOS6: go to and add Google Maps (web) to your homescreen.

@alexstrang Was only temporary: back to the Orange T-Mobile hybrid now.

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@barryf Did it look like it changed at 4G speed? ;-)

@andrewscrivener On my 4S that would be impressive!

My iPhone carrier label just switched from Orange to EE. Looks like the name change is underway @EE

The CTO: IT's Chameleon

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AT LAST…. The Thick of It Series 4 now on iTunes in HD.

@cronkshaw You’ll need to wait for ep2 for Malcolm Tucker but it’s worth the wait.

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Kate Middleton is an anagram of naked tit model.
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Singapore kids playground sign gets straight to the point....look at line 2!

@cronkshaw Brilliant! Foolproof.

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@barryf I managed to go through two drill bits boarding my loft. Not a fun job.

@grayhaze Yep. Not to mention the glass fibre insulation irritation. Ouch.

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Score! for iPad - how to waste many hours: /cc @barryf @boffbowsh @ioptics

@thesambarnes @boffbowsh @ioptics Is this safe to download or will I regret the time I inevitably lose?

This weekend I have dug/laid paving slabs, wired up a loft light and part-boarded the loft. With my dad, but it counts. Manual work is hard.

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And we're done: 7.5 hours, 14 hacks, 3 awards. Congratulations to the winners, an good work everyone! Report to follow on Monday #gdhackday

Succumbed: iPhone 5 upgrade ordered through @orangeuk who claim delivery on Monday. Not sure I believe that!

First page of proof-of-concept working and committed to git. So far so good. #gdhackday

Remembering how sophisticated our platform is under the hood. Need to think this hack through more carefully… #gdhackday

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Our hack day liveblog is up and running (although rather empty at the moment): #gdhackday

Coding keyboard dusted off and a fresh VM set up and ready for the @globaldev Hack Day tomorrow #gdhackday


A transport layer abstraction for talking to service APIs

Sad how Guardian’s @guardiantech section has withered. I had to resort to the Telegraph for reporting on @ee 4G launch this morning.

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Hold on to your hats, Britain: things are about to get a whole lot faster #4G

SHL People Intelligence

Personality and behavioural assessment tools

Releasing Outside the App Store - Matt Gemmell

Saving myself for the 10:45 The Thick Of It showing on BBC HD. Been looking forward to this all week. #ttoi

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Social Gaming, Dating Account For The Biggest Growth In Carrier Billing: Over the last year, we have seen some n...
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@jonmulholland @barryf I'm looking for an easy, slick, elegant, simple to maintain, and awesome site design template - any recommendations?

@cronkshaw @jonmulholland ThemeForest has some excellent but cheap templates or Themezilla