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October 2012

Statistics for fun and profit (and analyzing split tests)

Being a little more scientific about setting up and interpreting A/B tests

Rugby score!

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Watching Reading vs. Arsenal... unbelievable game from neutral perspective! Who said League Cup was pointless/boring/anything but brilliant?

@james_allardice Insane. My heart can’t take any more.

@twitsplosion Good luck to you and Lyra.

librato/librato-propane · GitHub

Lighthouse Widget « Geckoboard

Display Lighthouse stats in Geckoboard

Judging Websites

…and homepage tips and essentials

Simplify Your Life With an SSH Config File

Stripe + Wufoo

You can now embed a payment form in a Wufoo survey. Handy.

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The £2bn Relationship - The Business Of Online Dating

Ruby refresher

RvP, Valencia, Young, Carrick, Ferdinand, Rooney. United buy expensive talent from rivals and haven’t done badly. Just a thought, Arsène.

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@barryf what is this @Themagazine?

@cronkshaw I posted that on AppDotNet where there’s a matching account. It’s a new iOS-only magazine.

Perfect Sunday on the sofa by a wood burner playing Letterpress and reading @themagazine

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Enjoying letterpress on iOS, except when playing @barryf

@neilmiddleton Beginner’s luck! I think I’m going to get addicted to this.

Challenge me on #Letterpress, a new word game for iPhone and iPad. I’m barryfrost on Game Center

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@barryf words cannot describe how bad that was. :-( I shouldn't be worried about QPR but if Grant fat boy holt can score against us!

@JamesLafferty I’m worried. No cutting edge up front. AGM tomorrow will be fun :)

@cronkshaw I’m 2/2 losses in your seat this season. Next up for me: Spurs! Gulp.

@cronkshaw Pre-match CL wavy flag in the centre circle. Before we lost. Again. Grrr. Frustrated gooners around me.

Dire, abject performance from Arsenal against Schalke tonight. Apoplectic guy next to me almost had a heart attack when they scored second.

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Badger badger badger cull delayed while government deals with the scourge of mushrooms, snakes

benbalter/wordpress-to-jekyll-exporter · GitHub

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier

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@barryf Travelodge is it?

@carlbob Yep, those gangster teddy bears from the ads insist on it these days.

Hotel welcome card: “No denims in public areas after 6pm” Luckily I have my black tie with me. Jack Donaghy would approve.

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Achingly à la mode interview layout from Pitchfork: Impressive, if somewhat gratuitous.

Practising and preparing for the @wld conference (@ Warren Weir)

Colophon for GOV.UK at launch

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@barryf @ian_winter going to do that anyway when I get hold of my LiFx

@boffbowsh @ian_winter Nice. Would love one of those too if they take off.

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@barryf i like that!

.@ian_winter You can also do clever stuff with it via @IFTTT like turning on a lamp when a Jenkins build fails

I’ve ordered a Belkin WeMo Switch so that I can remote control things over the internet. Thinking about my heating…

Creates docs, tests, validations and more for your API

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It's done. 48 hours of coding later, and the globaldev @railsrumble team proudly present Score Anything:

Leek, bacon & potato soup recipe

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@robyoung26 That sounds a bit retarded, since it’s your money. My sister couldn’t pay initial rent/deposit on her new place today :(

@jimeh @robyoung26 If you ask for a banker’s draft (small fee) you can withdraw large amounts at short notice. It’s like a fancy cheque.

Responsive Web Design Patterns

A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs.

Kicksend/mailcheck · GitHub

A month at Songkick

Interviewing and on-boarding from a recent Songkick hire

Login Screen – behind the scenes — GoSquared - Blog

Sweat the details


Scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters

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@barryf @pollingj you can bet that BritRuby set their A records correctly before they went on sale though

@mattberridge @pollingj True. You have to pity ticket booking systems devs. Thankless task.

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@britruby Refresh let me down today, should have done it with Capybara...

Refresh refresh refresh… Second failed attempt to buy tickets to BritRuby. Ruby conferences: more popular than Glastonbury


Load and performance testing. Pay by duration and number of “users”.


Conditionally roll out features with redis and ruby

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Anyone heard of Bloc Party? Having a drink with them and suspect a wind up
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@barryf 2TB? My 1TB is going in this week. How do I switch?

@nstanley The 2TB box has only been out for a few days and is replacing the 1TB. I’d give Sky a call to make sure the engineer brings 2TB.

Ordered one of the new Sky+HD 2TB boxes to replace my ailing Thomson one. Huge storage, HD EPG and iPad remote.

Better Specs

Best practices and examples for RSpec

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I've rationalised my online space. It's all about Twitter, G+, Vimeo, and Posterous now. 4Sq, FB, Qik, SocialCam, MobyPic, and more... Gone.

@cronkshaw Have you looked at AppDotNet yet?

Testing a post from ADN using Netbot that should hopefully crosspost to Twitter and be picked up by @ifttt

Now that there’s a @tapbots client for ADN I’ve stumped up the cash to join. Find me over there as barryf #adn

New Twitter Profile PSD

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hey gang!! check out my critique of online dating / geeky data visualization experiment!!

The Nifty MiniDrive

Fits entirely inside a MacBook Air|Pro’s SD slot, providing an adaptor for a MicroSD card.


APIfy converts data in existing HTML sites and wikipedia pages to JSON APIs.

Guilty Tuesday night pleasure: Great British Bake Off #gbbo

timeago: a jQuery plugin