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November 2012

If you fancy supporting me/us and the fight against prostate and testicular cancer then dig deep at

We look ridiculous. It’s for a very good cause, but thank god it’s the end of #movember

@jeffdaviess Still feeling fine, thanks, 2 years on. Very glad I went through with the surgery. Good luck if you’re considering it.

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>abuse_receive_mode = enable< I am now an iPhone 5 owner

@cronkshaw About bloody time.

Bootswatch: Cosmo

Metro-style Bootstrap theme

Listening to @MartinRossiter’s beautiful new album, released today

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Man searches Facebook for people with his name, replicates their profile pic, then sends friend request: (via @reddit)

At #HNLondon with @globaldev (@ Central Foundation Boys’ School w/ 3 others)

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@jongilbraith Never gone so red! That’s a LOT of people to talk in front of. Serious flashbacks to being at school too.

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We’re sponsors of tonight’s Hacker News London meet up. See you there from 6.30pm #HNLondon
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My blog's so unfinished it will make your eyes bleed, but I'm beta testing it. What would you change about it?

@sevenupcan Looks fantastic. Love the simplicity. Articles felt a bit orphaned without a way home (footer link doesn’t work?)

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@barryf Happy birthday mate

@BenHobson Cheers, Ben.

This could be very useful in the @globaldev office RT @IFTTT @37signals group chat service, Campfire, is now on IFTTT!

freerange/recap · GitHub

Fist of Fun Series 2 (would make an excellent Christmas present for me…)

Fist of Fun Series 2 (would make an excellent Christmas present for me...)

Lee and Herring’s superb FoF released on DVD for the first time. Want.

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What’s with all the Patriot-bashing on #boldpredictions today? Mine: Flacco throws more pick-6s than Leftwich throws passing TDs

@boffbowsh the only part of that I understood was TD but somehow I don’t think you were referring to the HTML tag.

That’s much more like it, Arsenal. Hoarse but happy from celebrating those 5 goals. 60K delirious Gooners today.

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@barryf Enjoy. Agree bloody hard to call. Could be a cracker

@cronkshaw Cheers. Need to see you back in London soon. Many beers and thanks owed.

Off to the Emirates for the North London Derby. Hard to call it.

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Saw Skyfall. Loved Skyfall. Terribly homesick for Blighty. Going to have tea and crumpets for breakfast tomorrow to get me through it.

@cronkshaw And hopefully a rip-roaring 5-0 thrashing of the Scum to enjoy!

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I love that new-monitor smell the way some people love the new-car smell.

@mmazour Congratulations on your new arrival.

I wonder how many emails this person has sent with this opening gambit?

Well-earned Chinese takeaway (@ Pitch & Chip)

View from my seat at yesterday’s ATP World Tour Finals game between Murray and Djokovic. Nice way to spend an afternoon

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@barryf try stop all - may still encourage them to send you more crap though!

@ian_winter Tried that too. Just get a “Not Delivered” response.

Trying to stop nuisance texts from TalkTalk about an engineer visit I’ve not asked for. I’m not even a customer! Replying “STOP” fails.

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I was in New York on election night exactly 4 years ago and (as a foreigner) was impressed by the huge sense of op —