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December 2012
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@barryf are you villa in disguise :-)

@ppounder I was Arsenal so actually not that different from last season’s 8-2.

Football Manager 2013 is breaking me. Hours of meticulous pre-season still resulted in a 9-0 loss in opener. Not like the (easier) old days.

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@barryf That's just mean :P

@ian_winter I hope he doesn’t curse me in later life.

Merry Christmas from my nephew George. He’s now officially a Gooner!


Poppy the cat is not so sweet and innocent. Discovered another cat’s collar and fur next to the back door. Bruiser.

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Hey everyone, meet our special guests... Charlie and Ferrari!

Mountain Lion Server tutorials

charliesome/better_errors · GitHub

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With the end of the world just days away, I'm a bit worried about the new restaurant just around the corner #Gozer

@scaryduck There is no dinner, only Zuul

Off to London for @robinince’s Nine Carols for Godless People this evening. Humanist festive cheer with comedians, science people and music.

Lanyrd's Big Move

Moving from MySQL to Postgres

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...all ok now though :)

@thesambarnes Blimey, Sam, glad to hear you’re OK! Take care.


a tool for analyzing memcache get traffic

Laker compendium

Laker is a compendium of files, frameworks, styles and tips for designing digital publications in HTML5

Programmer Competency Matrix


Hosted continuous integration platform. Integrates with GitHub


Mobile App Performance Monitoring and Crash Reporting

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Off to work to ignore the internet and all references to Bradford...

@cronkshaw I’m off to bed so have to deal with the nightmares. What a shambles.

My office has been Xmas-bombed. Even my pens… Full set of photos from Santa (aka @timblair)

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might have Christmas-bombed @barryf's office...


IRC client for Mac

Scaling Agile at Spotify

Organising a 250-person agile team - tribes, squads, chapters and guilds

Appogee Leave

Holiday request system that’s fully integrated with Google Apps. Made by a UK company so uses UK terminology and language.

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Oh well, no more Singha for me this holiday...

@cronkshaw That’s one way for a beer company to alienate 95% of their customers. I’ve never drunk Holsten after its early 90s Spurs link.


MySQL replication listener based on ruby-binlog. Kodama provides a simple DSL to easily write your own replication listener. Can be used to do things like replicate from MySQL to Postgres, etc.

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@tweetbot Will you be bringing notifications to your mac app anytime soon??

@RealBradHaverly I’ve got them on v1.0.1 (under preferences). What version are you using?

powermonkey explorer

Solar powered mobile charger