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January 2013

@rubymanor I’m no longer able to come so have given my ticket to @krissygoround. Eventbrite updated. Do you need her to do anything else?


Take Direct Debit payments with only a 1% transaction fee. Well documented, clean API. Backed by RBS

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WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK SCIENCE?! RT @silencewedge Heating mercury thiocyanate looks like you've opened a portal to hell
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@timblair @barryf Suspected as much but never ordered elsewhere for comparison.

@benlovell @timblair Hopefully the expiry date/substitution gamble won’t be as bad as with Tesco.

Handling Growth with Postgres

5 tips from Instagram

Giving @ocado a try for food shop. Decent iPad app made it easy.

Beef and ale pie

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After devouring The Devastator in five minutes, @tomgiddings still found room for this. @reddogsaloonn1 @imm

@grayhaze @tomgiddings The man’s an animal.


Draw random Twitter followers, retweets and hashtags

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Just shot my technical director with a Nerf gun and am still employed. \o/


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what's a good messenger client for Mac? Adium, Digsby, Pidgin, Trillian or something else? #asktwitter

@hobbsy Adium does the job for me with work Google Talk account.

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@barryf Come on? They did destroy their own maps app. What do you expect? ;-)

@nrichardson True. Their cloud/services offerings have mostly been below par. Remember Ping?!

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@barryf I dislike having to restart it when it randomly loses messages which are there fine on my phone :(

@boffbowsh I hear a sound but there’s not a message in the Mac app when I switch to it. Pops up on my phone fine.

The iMessage/Messages on Mac “-1” and incorrect date ordering bugs rankle. Unbecoming of a company that prides itself on details.

Horses in the field are persevering through the snow

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@barryf Shame. Would have been very useful. It's very poor that Sky don't let you sort movies by rating. @SkyHelpTeam

@TSR Agreed. At the very least having a list online would be nice, but it’s clear they want you to go through their app or EPG.

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@barryf Yo. Does this no longer work?

@TSR No, sadly not. Sky changed their listings page so it’s broken. I’ll have to update that blog post.

Football pundits: decide if you think referees should show consistency or use discretion. You can’t have both.

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@boffbowsh Probably drives an Audi TT as well. Hang on a second...

@WheresWardy @boffbowsh Careful, Wardy…

The startup skill set - on startups (via Instapaper)

Rails has Two Default Stacks

  • the 37signals one (ERB, MySQL, MiniTest, fat models/skinny controllers) and the “prime” one (Haml, Postgres, RSpec, service layer)
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How did I miss this? Strachan as Scotland boss?

@cronkshaw Terrible manager. Lucky for Scots there’s no relegation in international football.

Bookmarklet for Pinbook for Pinboard

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Not sure what the issue is with exchanging presents at @hmvtweets if they're things they sold and can resell. Won't be giving them my money.

@grayhaze And 9 days later they’re in administration… Behold the power of KP!


Ruby-based static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development.

White Bear Yard

Startup hub and co-working space in Clerkenwell

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@barryf Did make me giggle, you look the same Baz haven't aged a bit! Glad you're doing so well, would love to catch up sometime :)

@aviatorgal Must be my chubby cheeks! Enjoy your networking evening.

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The worst advert placement ever. I mean, ever.
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@barryf ha ha seems you've dodged more photo moments than you think as 4 of those are from Rawnet days! Congrats :)

@aviatorgal Thanks. You’re right: it looks like Tim’s photo archive went back further than I thought. #feelingold

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@barryf Hahahaha, that's a great cake!

@BenHobson I’m enjoying telling people to eat my face. Go on. Lick it. Disturbing.

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@barryf @AnuCaudell made it on to the cake!

@clearjanuary A terrifying @debbie / @AnuCaudell sandwich in fact!

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@barryf @craftyuk A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... oh and remember this?

@cronkshaw sheds a tear

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Congrats to @barryf on 5 years with @globalpersonals and @wld. Long time since that interview Baz :-)

@cronkshaw Thanks! Blimey, yes, you and @craftyuk gave me a good, thorough grilling in that first interview back in 2001 :)

Five years today as CTO of @globalpersonals and @wld – great team, proud of what we’ve all done. More still to come.

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Just added: @globaldev, a team of web professionals building online dating websites and tools.

Be productive with the MySQL command line

Pager, edit and tee. /via @timblair

samsoffes/bully · GitHub

.@cheddar, an iOS/Mac/web todo app is for sale. Interesting to poke around its code and see the back-end stack.


Pizzazz is a simple pure Ruby implementation of code coloring, but just for JSON


Preview email in the browser instead of sending it


Twitter’s library for auto linking and extraction of usernames, lists and hashtags in tweets

Amazing, charming tour of the International Space Station by one of its astronauts. So jealous of her.

Using Jekyll and GitHub Pages for Our Site

Meet the Obama campaign's $250 million fundraising platform

Commentary on how they optimised conversion and reduced page load times. Backed by Jekyll and S3/Akamai hosting.

Simple SVG sparklines

Useful now that Google are retiring their sparkline API

How to Create Retina-Calibre Favicons