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February 2013
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Go @barryf !! RT @HackerJobsUK New blog post. Hacker Jobs meets Barry Frost - CTO @globaldev -

@cronkshaw Ha, thanks. Little bit of publicity for us there.

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New blog post. Hacker Jobs meets Barry Frost - CTO @globaldev -

Hacker Jobs interview

This is an interview I did in 2013 for Hacker Jobs, a website which is sadly no longer avaiable. Here are my Q&A answers.

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Offshore Ruby on Rails development agency based in Poland


Ruby strftime generator

Libel, threats and contempt of court: a guide to Twitter and the law

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Job opportunity: QA Test Engineer at Global Personals - United Kingdom #jobs

Up and down the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe and the Pompidou Centre. Dinner well earned.

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Finally doing research into online Contact Lens suppliers and impressed to find that @Specsavers are still cheaper. Good work guys!

Debugging SQL Server and Windows issues. Like it’s 1999. #flashbacks

rubytune — rails devops/sysadmin cheat sheet

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I believe today is Ash Wednesday
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@barryf And did you write the name of the perfume down?

@GrahamM_6t9 I think it was called Ammonia.

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@barryf to clear seats?

@GrahamM_6t9 There was enough to clear the whole of Surrey.

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@barryf There's a word I've not herd in a long time... #WOTD #Schadenfreude

@Lynden2883 It doesn’t get used enough. One for your next newsletter!

@PaulCaudell Probably trying to mask the smell of something worse.

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@barryf To get enough room to spread out and relax on the train? ;-)

@andrewscrivener Well it backfired: a big fat guy just squashed in beside her. Schadenfreude.

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@barryf Probably best if you don't think too much about what she was attempting to mask...

@grayhaze Oh god no! gags again

Abandoned my seat on the train because the perfume on the woman next to me was so strong I was starting to gag. Why use so much?!

rpflorence/ember-tools · GitHub

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@barryf Sadly I couldn't make. Lightning talks are usually excellent. Hopefully catch you at the next one?

@martinbtt Shame: good talks and interesting bunch of people. Next one for sure.

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Thanks to @globaldev (esp. @steviebuckley and @barryf) for sponsoring drinks at @lrug last night.

@andrewmcdonough Thanks, Andrew. Great to speak to you and @samsworldofno. When are you launching that dating site?!

Early to #lrug. No point hanging around: it’s freezing out there.

Kicking Mailbox’s tyres. Very slick. #InboxZero via @Mailbox

I used to discover breaking news at work via Twitter. Now it’s via the @globaldev Campfire room #pope

@martinbtt Are you going to LRUG tonight? Would be good to catch up if so.

P. U. B.

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@PriscoCBS: It's Friday and there are no football games this weekend. What?” this makes me sadpanda :(

@boffbowsh Nonsense. Watford v Palace tonight. 7:45 ko.

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@agit8or would love to see that @barryf

@nstanley @agit8or Ha, no promises, Neil! Interesting alternative flow though.

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The really clever feature of Mega is that you can use it BEFORE creating an account. Well worth borrowing that idea.

@nstanley I love that pattern. Imagine a dating site where you search, write a message and then register+pay as part of the send process.

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@timblair @andrewscrivener I do yeh. I used to use Divvy but now Moom. Being able to pull it up from the green maximise lozenge is nice.
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Come to February’s @lrug on Monday to hear @StevieBuckley’s talk and enjoy a pint on us
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@barryf @agit8or Already added and booked up until mid-June.

@thesambarnes Efficient. I’ll do all our planning via Twitter in future.

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@barryf @codeclub there's not one near us, so going to start him on Scratch and see how he gets on!

@agit8or Superb. Ruby and MySQL next! When can we add him to the schedule?

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Dev types, anyone used Scratch or heard of it. Thinking of using as 7yo wants his own laptop and have a go, any views out there?

@agit8or I’ve heard it’s brilliant for helping kids understand and enjoy programming. Used by @CodeClub too

Basics of American Football (image)

How to back up your Gmail on Linux in four easy steps

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@barryf Very impressive! And just in time for the next cold snap.

@jonnyhobbo Long overdue! Relieved not to have to decide between warm showers and warm rooms.

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@barryf sounds dangerous :o

@hobbsy Terrifying. Flinched when I turned it back on. Feeling smug now.

Achievement unlocked: rewired central heating electrics without blowing house up. Hot water and heating both working for the first time.