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March 2013

I haven’t watched Withnail & I in at least year. Richard Griffiths’ death is reason enough to break that duck tonight.

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Richard Griffiths has died: "The carrot has mystery. Flowers are essentially tarts. Prostitutes for the bees." RIP old cork.

Enjoyed the Teenage Cancer Trust gig last night. Noel and Damon on stage together for the first time, playing Tender

Thanks, Jeff :) MT @cronkshaw: Congrats to the @WLD team as they announce the launch of their 10,000th site -

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.@WLD are delighted to announce the launch of our 10,000th site, following international expansion. [Press Release]


jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. Curl some JSON from an API and then pipe to jq to query it

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This Deputy Speaker is epic. #Budget2013

@boffbowsh I enjoyed Balls’ “stop sneering” at the gov front bench

Trying out @IFTTT’s new @ESPN channel with a recipe for Arsenal news and chuckling at the Americanized club names:

The Trello Tech Stack

25 things I wish I knew before moving to San Francisco

Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely

Screencast: using ruby to add schema-less data to PostgreSQL

With hstore you can add schema-less data to PostgreSQL. This allows you to store model attributes without creating separate database columns. Watch how to do this using the activerecord-postgres-hstore gem.

Programming Your Culture

Or… “Why dogs at work and yoga aren’t culture”

The Paperless Puzzle

Achieving a paperless office with a Doxie Go and Hazel


Web browser for OS X designed to be used primarily with information radiators. It has no UI; instead, upon startup, it fills every attached screen with a full-screen WebKit browser

The Little MongoDB Book

Our 10 Step Engineering Hiring Process at Mixer Labs

Inbox Zero for Life

The same approach to email triage I’ve been following for a few years

Eye-Friendly for Mac OS X

Change screen resolutions via a hotkey. Useful for Retina Macs

Why firing brilliant assholes is required to build a great engineering culture

Joe Stump’s approach to build a team

My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers

A standing desk for $22

Build your own standing desk from Ikea parts for super cheap.

What's the difference between unit, functional, acceptance, and integration tests?


Automation service, similar to IFTTT

How Extreme Transparency Can Make Your Team Its Most Productive

Asana’s management and team structure: areas of responsibility, episodes, recognition

How I Stopped Eating Food

The author’s “soylent” that contains everything he believes he needs

cantino/huginn · GitHub


ASCII Flow Diagram Tool. Export plain text diagrams

I miss you, Wellington.

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Unlucky gunners

@tayoakinmade If only we always played like that!


ImageAlpha converts 24-bit PNG to paletted 8-bit with full alpha channel. This greately reduces file sizes with only minor loss of quality.

“The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet”

Ruby 2.0.0 in detail

Read @matsadler’s definitive and exhaustive rundown of all the changes in Ruby 2.0.0 on the @globaldev site #ruby2

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@nstanley Good solution: fix the problem by making it go away :)

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Pebble's here. Very Sinclair.

@nstanley Needs a bit of localisation: “Ten past ten”.

Sift Science

Fraud tool that monitors traffic in real time to detect fraudulent activity


“Recurring task and chore management made easy.” Distributes repeating tasks among a team.

Octopus Deploy

Automated deployment for .NET

Unboxed Consulting

London and Cape Town Rails agency

Home from work and hiding upstairs in my own house because the cleaner’s still here #firstworldproblems

@nixgeek Enjoyed your talk last night - very similar to how we work and ship. We’d love to use your/GH’s Propane hacks - are they public?

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You can dot the 'i's but NEVER cross the T!
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@barryf Barry. We're truly sorry for this. Two badly times events. I'll be happy to follow up in person, I'm [email protected]

@airbrake Ben, these things happen, but it’s frustrating without any status update. The timing of that newsletter was just unfortunate!

Asana/kraken · GitHub

.@airbrake’s downtime today has severely delayed a project release. I now receive an email from them on “How you can build better software”.

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Today marks the first year in our Waterloo office. Happy birthday to us! Celebrating with cake and party poppers:
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@barryf can’t say without giving stuff away.

@neilmiddleton Intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more.

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So, at the end of the month I’m joining @heroku. Thanks @kyan, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

@neilmiddleton Congratulations, Neil. What’s your new role?

nfo/gmail_xoauth · GitHub