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April 2013

Betaworks - A New Medium Company

Incubator/umbrella for interesting companies, including Instapaper.


Add cards to your chosen Trello list via Alfred


Email triage/daily todo service that connects to Gmail (and Exchange?)

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Hear ye: In September, I'm taking a sabbatical from my job to do this #excited

@twitsplosion Congratulations! A fantastic project too.


Simple, efficient message processing for Ruby

@Tomtids are you available, Tom? RT @scott_collins: @barryf Hey Barry, do you know any good freelance PHP guys commutable to Woking…?

@tastebuds @alexparish @juliankeenaghan Congratulations on the funding, guys. Superb news.

The ‘Oblivion’ Graphics

Video with scenes of “computer” graphics used in the Oblivion film


Content management system for restaurants to publish menus

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@barryf Thanks lovely. Hope that you're well?

@MelKirk Very well, thanks. Lots of wedding planning keeping me busy. Hope Hugo turns up soon.

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#Weybridge , please keep an eye out for Hugo. He's the love of my life & has been missing for 2 days :( #MissingCat
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#Weybridge , please keep an eye out for Hugo. He's the love of my life & has been missing for 2 days :( #MissingCat

@MelKirk Sorry to hear that, Mel. If he makes an appearance over in Virginia Water we’ll let you know. Will RT.

I’m pretty sure the Kevin Eldon Show is easily the best thing on TV.

Transitional Interfaces

Adding small amounts of animation greatly helps UX and UI design

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Seriously struggling to not start weeping at my desk after that last RT. New Zealand are good at life.

@hannah__alice Well done, Kiwis. Lump in my throat when they sung Pokarekare Ana for me too!

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Probably the most divisive day since the Ewok funeral for Darth Vader.

Content parity on the web

Advocating having one website and not creating a cutdown version for mobile users

Hacker Jobs Meets... Barry Frost - CTO of Globaldev

Interview questions from Steve

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@andrewscrivener @barryf 2 words - VEGAS BABY!!!

@TheGhoti @andrewscrivener Now you’re talking!

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@barryf super exciting!!! No excuse now not to meet up for celebrate drinks! Sundays in may looking good!! X

@kellyedworthy Definitely. Double the reason to get together! Will work out dates when we’re back /cc @larrylou100

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@barryf Favourite part of wedding planning: the "people who don't know each other yet, but should" table

@mmazour Agreed. Looking forward to a few interesting combinations, perhaps on the table at the back!

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@barryf Nevermind gulp. I think the sound effect you were looking for was "cha-ching"?!

@TheGhoti Yup. A quick trip to Gretna Green has sadly been crossed off already.

Thanks again for all your well-wishes over the last 24 hours. Much appreciated. Wedding planning now in full swing #gulp

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Yes. Yes, it is. RT @louisemcsharry: Is this the most Daily Mail headline the Daily Mail has ever Daily Mailed?

@globalpersonals Ha, thanks GP marketing team. I’m sure we can spin a dating success story out of this!

Thanks all! @larrylou100 and me on a Cretan hilltop post-proposal:

Today is a good day: Miss Laura Hobson agreed to marry me. Time to celebrate with my fiancée!

The median Facebook user only has around 100 friends

…not 190, which is the average (via @ignorethecode)

Helios 🚀

Open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps, from data synchronization and user accounts to push notifications, in-app purchases, and passbook integration.

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@barryf No, she’s thinking of Macaulay Culkin in My Girl who dies from bee stings.

@andrewscrivener In that case we were both wrong! I doff my cap to your superior knowledge of nineties teen films.

Musician plays Unchained Melody. Laura: it’s sad when he dies from bee stings. Wasn’t Swayze mugged in Ghost? She’s thinking of Stand By Me.

Hotel bar has now played four Phil Collins songs in a row. Anger rising among guests. And now a fifth! There must be a law?

Hey Startups, I’m calling bullshit. You don’t understand sales

Sales 101: prospecting, pipeline, objection handling and closing

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@barryf it's a revelation mate, I'm not sure how I've coped without it. It's like a new pet. Get a magic bin.

@BenHobson It’s on the list. Just need to find a Gingham ribbon to tie around it to get the OK from @larrylou100

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@BenHobson I’ve spent my whole life opening my kitchen bin with my foot like a chump. I NEED A MAGIC BIN.


Ruby Dashboard framework