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May 2013

UI8 iPhone showcase (video) template

Template for building a demo of an iPhone app. Requires Adobe After Effects/Photoshop

Post received today: a confused chap who had failed to email via our “contact us” link (emailing the actual URL) and so resorted to a letter

sivel/speedtest-cli · GitHub


Open source project that aims at developing a recommendation framework based on graph data sources

Get 1Password, make yourself use it and stop re-using passwords MT @viticci: 50% off: iOS Mac

Server Density

Server and application monitoring and cloud management

Last sunshine of the bank holiday #pub

@simondevon Bad luck, try to avoid @agit8or tomorrow! It just had to be Kevin Phillips.

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@barryf i know!

@cbetta Well it’s definitely a long way from London, I agree! I think the “south” in its name relates to it being south of an Essex village.

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WTF us London Southend Airport, and why is it neither in London or in the south?

@cbetta It’s in Essex, to the east of London.


Upcoming attractive-looking HR software

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The @shutl "Note to Recruiters" is excellent:

Spammy [UK] Recruiters

List of domains of recruiters that routinely spam UK developers. Presented in a format for cut-and-pasting into a GMail filter

An engineer's guide to working with product managers

How to Work Remotely as a Software Developer

20 Hot London Startups You Need to Watch

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Ruby devs, ColdFusion devs, QA, UX, Project Manager - so many jobs open right now people! (please RT)
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@barryf The jumper could be a clever self promotion tactic to get hired. Must be pleased with Sunday too! Great to see THFC failing again

@JamesLafferty Ah, clever. Yes, great fun to see Totts miss out. Again. Was at Lord’s to see England win after lunch so double the enjoyment

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@barryf hang on.... these glassed have no lenses! Fraud.

@JamesLafferty If she can write code she’s hired!

You do that a little too well RT @StevieBuckley OMG u r soooooo wrong. #Geek is totes amazeballs nd u dnt have 2 b a n3rd 2 b a #geek k?

I may be wrong, but the attractive blonde girl wearing a jumper with GEEK emblazoned on the front is unlikely to actually be a geek.

Good luck, Jeff RT @cronkshaw: After 15 yrs of working for corporate - today I officially work for myself @lanciaconsult


Landing pages, forms and email marketing for startups


Send, receive and track emails via API. HTTP or SMTP interface, server-side MIME, automated bounce/unsubscribe/complaint handling, full tracking.

Watching the dénouement of the football season on the Nursery Ground at Lord’s with no sound.

Kiwis destroyed, the sun’s shining at Lord’s and we’re a few beers down. Perfect day.

Wickets tumbling at Lord’s this morning. Should be out in time for the football at this rate!

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@barryf @timblair @StevieBuckley @matsadler Was about to start a scotruby summary blog post so just checking if any of you guys have first?

@benlovell @timblair @StevieBuckley @matsadler Not aware of anyone doing so. Go for it.

Windsor Then and Now

Photos of Windsor from history


iOS apps prototyping tool for Mac


Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup

timblair/kanbantool · GitHub

Crieff 🚕 Edinburgh 🚞 Kings Cross 🚇 Paddington 🚞 Slough 🚞 Windsor 🚗 Home in 9.5 hours

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This is the worst-written article I've ever read in the Telegraph. It's brilliant. @MichaelPDeacon on Dan Brown:

Spare a thought for @larrylou100 and her team this morning doing the #moonwalk through London overnight. She’s on mile 24/26. Go Laura!

I’m at The Jinglin’ Geordie (Edinburgh, UK)

with Tim, Steve, Mat and Ben waiting for the #scotruby bus to Crieff (@ The Scotsman)

Off to @scotrubyconf tomorrow with @StevieBuckley @timblair @matsadler and @benlovell from the @globaldev team.

Tree on line so train terminates early. Businessman on platform is apoplectic with rage at staff, presumably for their lack of magic powers.

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@barryf You're just jealous because our's is going and you're still stuck with yours for another 4 years!!! #FergieRetires

@TheGhoti Don’t worry, I hear Mark Hughes is top of the shortlist :)

Will there be no more Budgie The Little Helicopter books? #fergieretires

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Is this the end of the Black Eyed Peas?

@SurreyTravel Long queues Tue/Wed up through Egham because traffic lights are still off at Runnymede Roundabout. When will they be back on?

AWS SDK for Node.js

We’re looking for a Ruby Engineer (contractor) to join us at @globaldev

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@barryf you think that, @larrylou100 might think you now need to talk flowers and decorations :)

@ian_winter @larrylou100 There’s an endless list of decisions to make and jobs to do. ~15 months to go!

After driving through holiday traffic to Gloucestershire and back to look at wedding venues I think I’ve earned a few frames of the snooker.

GTD for hackers


Rack middleware for blocking and throttling

How do you estimate on an Agile project?

ThoughtWorks PDF book

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@barryf Well, your namesake does not want to go down without a fight.

@kayleyjay42 Yep. Long way to go for Barry but it looks like Ronnie’s gone up a gear.

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@barryf And he's another Barry!

@kayleyjay42 Exactly!

As much as I like Ronnie, it’s only right I back 34 year old underdog Barry Hawkins in the World Championship final. Come on, Bazza #snooker


iOS prototyping tool for Mac

The power of Keynote

Using Keynote for wireframing and prototyping web/mobile apps

Hammer for Mac

Static site generator app that compiles SASS, HAML, CoffeeScript, Markdown, etc.

globaldev/regulate · GitHub