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March 2014
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How brilliant is the @DaybreakDimwits account? Spoiler: very.

kovyrin/db-charmer · GitHub

Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

Adds a card to subscribe followers to your newsletter

Off to a Monopoly board pub crawl but are heading home early to host some friends for dinner and more drinks. What could possibly go wrong?

Mobile web app or web site?

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Last night: built #indieweb commenting on posts direct from my feedreader using #micropub #indieauth #webmention #microformats
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@barryf but a giant leap to towards the mainstream.

@mattjukes Sure, and that’s a point I make in my post. Lowers the barrier to entry but loses its simplicity.

@mattjukes Sure, and that’s a point I make in my post. Lowers the barrier to entry but loses its simplicity.


SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting

Twitter’s new implementation of multiple photos and tags is a further step away from its simple 140-char origins

Twitter have recently announced changes to support multiple photos per tweet and tagging of people in photos, changes that bring their service even closer to Facebook/Instagram.

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Web Hosting For App Developers –

I especially like the advice on backing up databases via slaves.

Collecting Payment Information Within a Single Input

Ruby One Time Password

A ruby library for generating one time passwords (HOTP & TOTP) according to RFC 4226 and RFC 6238

Ghost Inspector

Automated Website Testing. Record yourself browsing. Make assertions. Replay in the cloud.

lebinh/ngxtop · GitHub

Keen IO

API for Custom Analytics

Wedding wine testing today and thankfully being driven. Perk of getting married.

Wedding wine tasting today and thankfully being driven. Perk of getting married.


iPhone, iPad and Android Prototyping


Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS7 Apps

confcodeofconduct/ · GitHub

My notes from last night’s London Homebrew Website Club meetup #indieweb

Last night was the first London Homebrew Website Club meetup. I said a few words about this site and touched on some of the IndieWeb concepts I’ve been experimenting with, which seemed to go well. Strong turnout of about a dozen people: some completely new to the ideas and others who have been involved with the community for a while.

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Wes Anderson Palettes

Perfect. Next thing I make I intend to use one of these palettes.

benbalter/jekyllbot · GitHub


Open source Flat UI KIT based on Twitter’s Bootstrap 3.1.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.

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I bought 1000 of @burgerbeartom's burgers on Kickstarter. If you want one of them, read this:
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Tick time tracking reminders in @SlackHQ. | Thanks @barryf
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@barryf @tickspot Nice work! We’ll add it to our community integrations page (

I’m going to next week’s Homebrew Website Club in London #indieweb

tickbot: my little script that integrates @tickspot time-tracking reminders into @slackhq

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One of the greats, an age when politicians actually wanted to serve society.

@nstanley Happy birthday, Neil. Enjoy tonight - surely you’ve earned a day off tomorrow?

The perils of form validation

soffes/clock-saver · GitHub

Bitnami AMIs for Ruby

@MattWheelr Good to bump into you this evening. Best wishes for @driftrock and let me know if we might be a good fit to try it out.

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@barryf same here! And let's definitely meet up at the next one. ps: you broke my dream success story about Tinder...

@mvaxelaire For sure. Ha! Sorry, yes I’m also sad that Tinder is owned by a huge US NASDAQ corp. Quel dommage.

@mvaxelaire Good chatting to you this evening. Hopefully see you at the next one.


Recruitment software targeted at SMEs

Bootstrapped discussion forum

WiFi Explorer


Brent Simmons’ metaweblog implementation in Ruby.

Email Patterns for Web Apps

“25 Emails You Should Send to Your Users”

SlatePro - Personal TechDesk by Nathan Mummert — Kickstarter

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Team Prime in the middle of a mega sprint planning session. Throwing our new QA starter @nirpius in at the deep end!

Clear Sans

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Will there be a pot of gold at the end of this season for @Arsenal ? Taken whilst transiting across @MPSIslington.


Make a use of your favicon with badges, images or videos

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Audiophile Ethernet cables. Don't read if you know about Ethernet. Or cables. Do if you know about audiophiles.