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July 2014


Technology companies in London

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@barryf I'm changing them to a card that expires in 2017! But whatever happens don't lose the new one :)

@mr_mcd Me too. By 2017 I’m hoping we’re all using TouchID or something clever to replace plastic cards though.

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@barryf literally going through this myself right now. Meh!

@mr_mcd Utter waste of a morning! I should’ve set them up with PayPal originally, but it’s a bit late now. Good luck :)

I love web apps and SaaS, except when my card is about to expire and I have 22 (so far) separate billing settings to update. Kill me now.

“A great thing to wrap your knozzles around”: language in old ad pitch for Sega sounds like Chris Morris < @bta_man

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"In 1994 a writer noticed was unclaimed so he registered it and tried to give it to McDonalds"

Let’s fly

How to survive air travel

aanand/git-up · GitHub

The design process at GDS

Box of #juliany cigars, ready for Andy’s wedding this weekend.

I Spent Two Weeks On Soylent, The Magic Food Replacement Milkshake

Help Scout

Alternative to Zendesk for helpdesk/email support

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Mogwai – Come On Die Young bonus material: Exclusive stream

Wine 101 infographic

My #indieweb life

Ben Werd: “how my site gives me an awesome social media archive of everything I’ve ever written”

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy, June 2014 Edition

Notes for those managing or leading teams.

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Just got my first promotion...ever! Thanks to support from the great team @globaldev I'm no longer a junior 😃


Resources for learning iOS design and Xcode


Comparisons of payment gateways, according to data from Spreedly and Shopify

Time etc

Get tasks done by carefully hand-picked people in the UK. Pay only for completed work. Virtual Assistants, Writers, Marketing assistants and more

Clever Accounts

Complete accounting & tax service, supporting small businesses, contractors & freelancers UK-wide. Everything you need from an accountant, on your PC, tablet or phone – an end to bookkeeping, 24/7 access to your finances, a named accountant + all accounts & tax returns sorted.


A general purpose, real-time visualization library.


Open source graph database from Google


hmans/pants · GitHub

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Despite his expression, Sullivan is pleased to announced his impending promotion to big brother, effective Jan '15 😃

@ian_winter Congratulations!


Team mailing list for links


“Track exceptions with modern error logging for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, and Node.js”. Alternative to Airbrake?

Flat UI colors

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@barryf just pinged a playlist over to you on spottily....

@GrahamM_6t9 Superb! I was making one of these manually. Thanks :)

The Fermi Paradox

How to Hack the Recruitment Process to Find the Best Developers

New Bamboo Office