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November 2014

Refurbished my old iMac with a SSD and gave it to my wife: her very first Mac. Enjoying all her newbie discoveries I’d forgotten.

Watching this Jekyll pull request incremental regeneration of Jekyll sites with huge interest

Watching this Jekyll pull request for incremental regeneration of Jekyll sites with huge interest. The prospect of selective rebuilds makes using Jekyll much more attractive for sites with large numbers of small posts (like this one).

wldmedia2014 @wld conference about to begin (@ Ham Yard Hotel - @firmdale_hotels in Soho, Greater London)

What we learnt making a company wiki - Pusher Blog

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awesome. 3 hours fixing a problem where the solution was right in front of my f****** face all along. grr.

@ian_winter Was it your nose?

Pushing along the Rails

Use Rails, Backbone and Pusher to create a realtime web app


Ready-made logos and brands for sale


250+ carefully crafted pictograms (icon font)


PCI and security scans


Issue/bug/defect tracker

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Excellent response from FC Schalke's Head of PR to newspaper who claimed that Hitler was a fan:


Agile Project Management Software & Scrum Tools



Product roadmapping

Camel Camel Camel

Amazon price tracker, history charts and price drop alerts

A/B testing push notifications with Parse

Fixing Server bottlenecks with Go and Nginx

Using Go to serve json direct from memcached alongside Rails app

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@barryf happy birthday mate

@BenHobson Cheers Ben. Thanks to you and Lucy for the card too. Appropriate.


iOS drawing and vector tool


UK home cleaners booking service

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About last night

Just the 20 emails to finally set up invoicing with a new Microsoft Azure account.

Native Apps Are Part of the Web

Why Japanese Web Design is NOT so different — Medium

A systemwide shortcut for pasting as plain text

Regex to match Youtube URLs (using Ruby)

Enjoyable course completed and I’m now a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

Enjoyable course completed in London today and I’m technically now a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). Time to terrify my teams with my shiny new knowledge.

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Nice work @rackspaceUK: "Backspace Test Campaign 1"

Setting up Known with Nginx

How to make your own bootable OS X 10.10 Yosemite USB install drive

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This is the most Nathan Barley thing I've ever read via @bobby

Deregister and Turn Off iMessage

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@stevesmith2609 @grayhaze I think we’ve found a star villain for TMC episode 2.

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@barryf It's all @grayhaze 's fault!

@stevesmith2609 @grayhaze Too many cooks (too many cooks) too-many-cooks TOO MANY COOKS

Several days later, I’ve still got the Too Many Cooks theme tune lodged in my brain #earworm

Birthday surprise tonight at very funny @alandavies1 gig thanks to @larrylou100.

iOS Sketchpad

Grids for sketching out the different resolutions for iOS apps.

An easier way to write TwiML templates in Rails and Sinatra


Introspected tunnels to localhost

Good Product Team Bad Product Team


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@barryf Hi Barry, who is looking after your recruitment now Steve isn't there?

@htmlwill It’s still direct and via our PSL, thanks.

We’re hiring a ScrumMaster for the @globaldev team


Online digital photo printing, print photos, photo cards, photo books and more

How we use email autoresponders to onboard new employees - Campaign Monitor