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July 2015
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@cronkshaw #brave

Getting an OAuth 2.0 Token with Alamofire

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Well done @globaldev! Hack days always remind me I'm surrounded by a zombie buffet of brainnnns. #venntrohackday

Belle and Sebastian for two nights at the Royal Albert Hall in June.

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Team outing to Lord’s for T20. #venntrodev

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So today I had a go in one of these beauties in Hamburg... @teslamotors
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@barryf ....might have done ;-)

@cronkshaw About time too.

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@cronkshaw Eh? Next you’ll be telling me you’ve bought an iPhone to use it with

Previously, On Arrested Development

Stunning interactive breakdown of running gags, cross-referenced between episodes/series.

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@barryf Spotify is on borrowed time I think...

@cronkshaw Maybe but I’m hoping it can survive and hold its own. Plenty of room for healthy competition. What do you use these days?

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@barryf exactly this. Apple Music just doesn’t quite work right. Spotify is awesome - Apple Music will be very useful as competition though.

@boffbowsh Definitely. Very healthy to have both services pushing each other to improve.

After a week-or-two of flirting with Apple Music, @Spotify’s new Discover feature has lured me back. Love its selection for me this week.

Netflix UK best movies list

FatallyFlawed (the myth of safety socket covers)


PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database.


a more usable credit card form. Improve payment form, checkout, and ecommerce usability with JavaScript card number validation, credit card type detection, and more.

Pushed a quick facelift live for our old globaldev team site to match the new company @venntro branding:


Drag-and-drop library


Rails IndieWeb publishing tool

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@barryf I am booked in for the 3rd but have another consultation today with optimax just to reassure myself. Largest worry is long term +10y

@danielfranka Seems to be safer than ever but I’d ask as many questions as you can. Good luck.

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@barryf Hey just read your laser eye surgery blog and wanted to know how are they doing after x amount of years?

@danielfranka Yep, 4.5 years later and I’ve no regrets. Vision still sharp and it’s great not having to worry about lenses. Have you booked?

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When you pay for your lunch with your watch, and the cashier has a look on her face like “WHAT JUST HAPPENED. WHAT WAS THAT.”
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@barryf love this! Far more endearing for the absence of technology.

@andrewgarner Endearing but utterly brutal! Good to remind “us” of the reality of online dating.

Charming short film of a brave actor trying “offline dating” by approaching women in London. So many knockbacks!

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Good morning from Venntro's London HQ...
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Holiday time!
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Heartfelt thanks from Val. My devoted husband Ed Percival sadly passed away this morning. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love

@edpercival Very sorry to learn of your loss, Val. I still remember much of the advice and thoughts Ed gave me. A lovely, warm man.

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Aaronpk doing intros at IndieWebCamp 2015.

3D maps of every Underground station

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Fetches and converts data between Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter native APIs, ActivityStreams, microformats2 HTML and JSON, Atom, and more.

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What recruiters think I want: Beer cart, ping pong table What I really want: Silence, coworkers with good table manners, attention to UX
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@barryf It's a real thing.

@losowsky Read a few links on its use for harassment. What a thoroughly depressing thing.

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@barryf Very different in a public setting than a private one, though. Emoji trolling is a thing…

@losowsky I hadn’t considered the potential for malicious public emoji. Wow, that aubergine emoji trolling business is new to me.

Slack has introduced reactions: a method of responding to a message with emoji.

I like it. It’s a more nuanced like/favourite to allow for dislikes 👎, thanks 👏 or inevitably 💩. I can see this idea spreading to other services very quickly. I wonder how it might work in the #indieweb world?

Stenciltown - The iOS 9 Suite

OmniGraffle stencil for iOS 9 with San Francisco font

Form structure — Government Service Design Manual advocates one-question-per-page approach to form design


JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby

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1.21 Gigawatts!!!!
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Kim Kardashian explains why marginal propensity to consume decreases as income rises

Commentary from today’s thoroughly enjoyable Hack Day by @thesambarnes (with gems from his enviable gif folder)

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Hack day at @globaldev successfully wrapped up. 18 separate mini-projects demoed after just 7 hours of work. I love organising these things.
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.@ioptics: "Not to alarm anyone, but I've just opened Photoshop." @barryf: "And I've opened a terminal window."

Hack Day has begun…