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August 2015
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Since getting into #indieweb stuff, I’ve seen way more sites go down because of an expired HTTPS cert than expired domain registration.

Thanks for the reminder. My single-domain certificate was about to expire so I’ve upgraded to a new Comodo wildcard one ready for some secure subdomain projects. It would be great if this auto-renewed but I think I need to manually renew it unfortunately.

Developer Turned Manager

WASD Keyboards

Custom Mechanical Keyboards and Cherry MX Keycaps

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What to do with 500 pairs of wellies and 2,000 unused rain ponchos left behind at Glastonbury? Send them to Calais


Email tracking, scheduling, templates, send later, and surveys for Gmail


An iOS framework for creating JSON-based models. Written in Swift.

Tripped me up today: Heroku’s GitHub auto-deployer doesn’t (currently) include git submodules

Australia may have won the test today but I saw Alastair and England lift the Urn at the Oval.

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Note to bankers: this is what financial services disrupters look like
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This is so bang on. Every single graph... 17 Graphs That Will Speak To You If You’re An Introvert @livequiet
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This is Matthew. He does QA, lives on a boat and this is genuinely his laptop case. You'll never be this cool and nor will I.

Ofcom: Smartphones are now the most important internet device in UK

The study found that a third (33 percent) of U.K. Internet users now view their smartphones as an important device for going online, compared to 30 percent who are still sticking with their laptops […] Two-thirds (66 percent) of people in the U.K. now own a smartphone, with Brits’ using their mobiles for nearly two hours per day.


iOS time tracking app. Integrates with FreshBooks.

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Liking the idea of an app built with React and Relay, backed by AWS API Gateway + Lambda + DDB, served from S3 and Cloudfront

@boffbowsh HOUSE!

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Great email from @CapitalOne
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It's not all about bandwidth. Latency is really important. 10Mbps over 3G is probably slower than 1Mbps over broadband. @andydavies #redev15


A server for running multiple slack bots – useful for building integrations

Emails from salespeople chasing me for a response to their previous cold email = #reportspam

Blurring Is the Auto-Tune of UI Design, and Other Things We Thought About While Designing Wildcard 2.0”.

I love how the Wildcard team have made the effort to sweat the details to ensure their app stands out. In an increasingly competitive app marketplace this sort of focus on interaction design is vital.

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In 2004, Jeremy Corbyn backed a motion in parliament to recognise @Arsenal as "the best team in the world".

The Big List of Naughty Strings

a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.

Revive Adserver

Free open-source adserver that was extracted from OpenX

How Ashley Madison Onboards New Users

The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work

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Just got engaged to @Sooz_Collett 😍

@boffbowsh Congratulations!

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As the football season begins, a Micawber is someone who's unfailingly optimistic, even though that optimism is totally unrealistic.

What a crazy first half hour in the cricket. Watching Stokes’ catch in real time… Wow. #ashes

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@barryf @larrylou congratulations

@tayoakinmade Thanks T

Happy first wedding anniversary, Mrs @larrylou100 Frost x