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September 2015
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The Greg Wallace Range
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off to see The #Bluetones tonight in London. Need to get Expecting To Fly on to ramp up the nostalgia. One of the first bands I truly loved

@hobbsy Hey, me too. If you fancy a pint before we’re in The Pineapple from about 7pm.

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The team are together at our London office today ready to learn: @timblair has a tech talk on #golang and @xiy has a workshop on #reactjs

.@theryanadams’ album covering all of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is very listenable. Tempted to try her original.

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Interface design software for professionals

With Associates

We plan, design and build digital services, websites and apps

Agile Software Development Process - 90 Months of Evolution


rtop is an interactive, remote system monitoring tool based on SSH

Work Can Wait

Basecamp 3 has a “Do Not Disturb” function built in to prevent emails/notifications from being sent when you specify

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It seems I am responsible for either ruining or improving Homes Under The Hammer.
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London Tube strike in Feb 2014 boosted the economy by making people try other routes to work #axzz3lf0ycFNn
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London and #theleaddev - thanks so much for the day and all that came along. Now it's time for me to retreat to my cave :)

@PaulLomax I wouldn’t mind that so much. Feedback is good, as long as it’s silent!

iOS keyboard clicks are just as anachronistic as skeuomorphic design. It’s time for Apple to default to off. PS grumpy at passenger on train

Guy Kawasaki - The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Presentations should:

  • Contain no more than 10 slides
  • Last no more than 20 minutes
  • Use a minimum of 30pt text
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.@GuyKawasaki's excellent 10/20/30 rules of pitch decks should apply to all presentations in any context:

Password guidance: executive summary - GOV.UK


HTTP Client Testing Service: dummy endpoints

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Netflix and chill. Sky on demand and relax. Virgin Media and don't touch me. NowTV and disappointment. Amazon Prime and No. Youtube and regret.

New roles: I’m looking for a Ruby dev, QA and web designer to join us at @venntrodev in Covent Garden or Windsor

Apple Watch feature need: push-to-talk between Watches, perhaps over FaceTime Audio. Basically a walkie-talkie on your wrist.

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Shout out to @tomwilliams101 #Audi #s3 #audis3 #nicerear #quattro #audilife #fourrings #vorsprungdurchtechnik #rs3 #audirs3 #a3 #audia3

Vertical centering witchcraft. Still nostalgic for a good old…

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