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January 2016

I’m excited to read about Manton Reece‘s upcoming microblog platform, especially as he seems keen to support Micropub and Webmention.

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My new site is live! It's still missing a few things here and there, and my old comments are still importing, but at least it's up! I have a ton of work ahead of me, but at least it's now in a better environment! #indieweb


A small utility to shorten posts to an acceptable tweet-length summary.

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Amazon Prime & marriage show “commitment to something lasting, rather than a series of one-off transactions” So true

“The Old Guard”:

The Old Guard recognizes there’s simply too much to do and there is no way the expertise now needed to evolve is under the roof. The problem is these new hires are a cure to a disease that the Old Guard both created and loves.

@rands on some very familiar issues facing companies that grow past ~100 people.

What HTTP/2 Means for Ruby Developers


See the products and services used at (other) startups

Two Factor Authentication in Rails 4 with Devise and Authy

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This is going to be a problem. People will want to know when they are talking to a bot.
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Watch it all, or just skip to 9 minutes in and see my Lucy talking to @alexa_chung about working at @BritishVogue -


UK HR software that integrates with Google Apps

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#IndieWebCamp NYC day 2! These #independents braved #jonasblizzard2016 to be here. #nofilter
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@barryf Man love?

@cronkshaw First proper gig, Braintree 1997. Still love them.

Suede album launch at HMV Oxford St tonight. Brett is just magnificent close up.


IRC service with native mobile apps

Guardian Pairing Tests

Used by the Guardian during their developer recruitment process

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A lack of common sense and HTML encoding with a online flower delivery service here :)
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Honoured and surprised to make the Alumnus nomination list! @brightonalumni @brighton_sarahg @Brighton_DaveS

@cronkshaw Congratulations Jeff! 👍

How to Design a Better Pitch Deck

Tips that are just as relevant for any type of presentation


Clef’s company handbook on GitHub


Statesman is an opinionated state machine library designed to provide a robust audit trail and data integrity. It decouples the state machine logic from the underlying model and allows for easy composition with one or more model classes.

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Didn’t think I could top working in Windsor but lunchtime walks around London is great.

@andrewscrivener You’re basically stalking the Queen.

Tom Blomfield: Five Unbreakable Rules for Startups

How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data is a handy site for testing whether your website’s server is sending sensible headers. Think of it like SSL Test for a few nitty-gritty details.

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@barryf am inclined to agree! Never a dull match at Anfield though!

@GrahamM_6t9 It’ll probably be a 0-0 now you’ve said that.

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@barryf any prediction for this evening?

@GrahamM_6t9 With Kolo in defence, Benteke out of form and no Coutinho we really should win. Not saying we will though :)

Love this evocative recount of the greatest league finish there will ever be: Arsenal in 1989

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Hi; you get this mention because you said you’re around London on the indieweb/irc-people page. I’ve recently started looking into organizing an IndieWebCamp in Cambridge (the UK one, the US one is doing it already), but the first point of Planning s…

Hi Peter. I’d be happy to help but Cambridge is a little too far from where I live in Surrey. My wife and I have recently had a baby so I’d need to be nearer home. Is London a possibility instead?

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Isn’t life tough? Bowie always made it better and will continue to do so long after we’ve shuffled off. I absolutely love you Zavid.

I only started listening to Bowie in the last few years but I realised I’d been a fan all my life regardless. Phenomenal legacy.

Time to emerge from my post-baby hibernation to watch Stewart Lee’s (almost) 4-hour stand-up marathon.

Medium’s CSS

The evolution of Medium’s CSS strategy

4K TV: Do you need one?

Distance and screen size sliders to help decide whether to stick at 1080p or go 4K


Dunning emails and SMS, failed payments, churn prevention, billing history, payment pages, custom HTML receipts and more for Stripe SaaS subscriptions

Agile in a Nutshell


Useful for stopping network access for selected services on your Mac when tethered to a mobile.