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May 2016
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A challenge of building for the long web is optimizing systems for ease of maintenance, inspectability and portability. Databases provide a convenient API for manipulating structured data. They make it easier to write featureful applications, but fai…
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@barryf "pint" sized cutey

Bank holiday pub lunch

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🎥 "IT'S UP FOR GRABS NOW...THOMAS!" Even after 27 years, we still get goosebumps. What. A. Moment. #Anfield89

'Smartphone by default' internet users

A qualitative research report conducted by ESRO for Ofcom


Bulletproof contracts, simple e-signing and integrated payments for freelancer work

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound

Nice pricing change(s) from @heroku: free SSL beta and dyno hour flexibility

Using Heroku for a custom domain with SSL suddenly became much more attractive (and affordable), especially for people running personal #indieweb sites.

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Last day @venntro & after almost five years I can honestly say I will miss pretty much everyone here & I've learnt loads. Thank you :)

Good Copy

Email copy from great companies

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The most amazing map about Europe? What % of 25-34 year olds live with their parents. By country @EU_Eurostat data
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hamburger comes… hamburger goes…


Pass in box sizes and get back sizes and coordinates for a justified layout


Application template for deploying Lucee 4.5.x (CFML/Java) apps on Heroku

When People Read on the Internet

Twitter Sundays, Facebook Wednesdays, and Reddit Fridays

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@barryf What?! I thought the Hamburger menu was where all the cool kids were at?! We are just finalising our new site...!

@cronkshaw It’s not great for discoverability, but many now recognise it as nav because it’s so prevalent. More: