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June 2016
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So long, @venntro, and thanks for all the fish ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Open plan offices are basically terrible in every way

Sticky headers

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@GrahamM_6t9 Good call, but I don’t think there’s a channel (yet). I think I might also want check-ins to be toggleable through the app.

I would love the option to check in via @foursquare when I use my @getmondo card. I may not have signal but Mondo knows where card is used.

Nothing much further to add to #brexit. I voted for us to stay in, but now that we’re (going to be) out, the sooner we can stabilise the economy, society and politics the better. The Thick Of It’s “omnishambles” feels more appropriate a term than ever.

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All UK television interrupted for the emergency broadcast
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@barryf looks interesting - when's the next London meetup?
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Apparently it's become a @venntrodev office move tradition to put the compact, asian developers into a packing box.
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Homebrew Website Club comes to London! For the first time in a long long while London Homebrew Website Club is happening! Tantek was in town so luckily made it by. Along with him we had Tom Morris and Barry Frost attending. We've b…
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Homebrew Website Club London popup! #IndieWeb #HWC #HWC_LDN #London #nofilter

Watching The Clangers with my son. Granny Clanger gives Small Clanger a knitted scarf. But they’re each made from knitted wool so it’s basically a flesh scarf. Horrific.

I’m going to this evening’s popup Homebrew Website Club in London:

Technical Interview Megarepo

Study materials for technical interviews

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@barryf wow โ€” very belated congrats โ€” good times.

@jasonkneen Thanks Jason. He’s a 7-month old terror now ๐Ÿ˜€

Documentation tool for APIs and other systems

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So after 7 years today is my last day at @venntro @wld it's been life changing but it's time for the next chapter!
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My demo from #indieweb summit 2016 is now online:


Transactional email delivery service. Used by Codegent and Neil Stanley.

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Well fuck you too