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August 2016
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Software being "Done" is like lawn being "Mowed".
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I'm excited to announce that Micropub is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation! Three Years of Incubation and Selfdogfooding Micropub began in 2013 when I outlined a simple API to create blog posts and short notes for my website, and then imp…

Micropub is now a @W3C CR. Congratulations to @aaronpk and all the #indieweb contributors.

With this news I’m excited to see further clients and servers start to emerge. I’ve been using Micropub as the only method of posting to this site since January 2015 but I’ve yet to add in full update/delete capabilities. Time to get hacking.

Data Driven Products Now!

Superb slide deck about using data to make good decisions on product development vs gut feel/what sounds good.

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this slide deck by @mcfunley is delightful and you should read it: also SPOILERS:

Experiment Calculator

Using visits, conversion rate, confidence etc. to decide how long an experiment should take

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Good things stick: Just put up @leisa’s litmus test for well-phrased user needs after a team discussion


Slick GitHub Pages comments system that creates files in your repo

When your house is on fire you don’t wait to see if it goes out by itself, you call 999 straight away.

@arseblog on Arsenal’s inaction over Centre Back injuries. Clearly negligent to start the season so unprepared.

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@barryf jealous!

@losowsky Sorry! If ever there was a scene to draw you back home, a sunny Test match would surely be it.

England v Pakistan Test Match. Day 2. ☀️

Prompted by Calum publishing an indie event page for the next Homebrew Website Club meeting in London, I’ve modified this site to support sending RSVPs.

Nice way of prioritising features: wait until you have a use-case before building.

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Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions

I’m going.


UK accountants used by Go Free Range


Ruby wrapper for the Spotify Web API