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September 2016

Enjoyed and learned something from each of the sessions at #mtpcon today, with ideas to take back to @venntrodev

North Norfolk Notes

Earlier this week I returned from a very enjoyable holiday in a surprisingly sunny North Norfolk with Laura and 10-month old Henry. For posterity and in case it’s useful for those with a similarly-aged baby/toddler, here are a few of my highlights.

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Command line micropub client

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#TPAC2016 @timberners_lee IndieWeb encourages having a website, domain name, blog, linking to each other. ...
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❤️ my boys #holiday
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First call received on my work phone. It was a voicemail from a random guy saying "Who do you think you are? The f***ing Prime Minister?"

@timblair and now you know what job title to have printed on your business cards.

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Run your own website? Interested in the #indieweb ? Live near Brum? Join us on Oct. 5th for the 1st @homebrewbrum
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Great discovery of the day: Barry can be short for Barold
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The simpler your words, the more people will understand you