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January 2017

Great memories of Chelmsford and gigs in my youth listening to @BBClamacqshow earlier tonight: The Army & Navy, The Y and @BassmentBar


This is a opinionated blacklist of words that you might not like to see used as usernames in your service.

e.g. “admin” or “help”.

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🌟 🌟 @venntro need a QA Engineer in London! APPLY at >> << 🚀
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HWC London back up and running fortnightly for 2017 #indieweb


Automatic image resize/reduce on AWS Lambda

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Excited to be part of the team 💪🏻

@themire Congrats, Julian. Cleo looks great.

Indie Microblogging

I’ve just backed Manton Reece‘s “Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing” Kickstarter project. It’s a book and upcoming micro blogging platform ( that dovetails neatly with my thoughts and work on the IndieWeb.

As I’ve noted before, Manton aims to support many of the same technologies I’ve implemented on this site and I’m happy to support him in developing his platform. His vocal support for the IndieWeb is a welcome high-profile voice. Good luck, Manton.

I kept the original version at for backwards compatibility for you. Does the new version work well for Sweetroll?

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Last week, Barry Frost released Micropublish, a Micropub client written in Ruby. It's a very slick interface for posting a few kinds of posts. I noticed that his "category" field looked really nice, and discovered that he was using a Bootstrap p…


Offline storage, improved. Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple but powerful API

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When UX goes wrong
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Good time for a reminder: Your fingerprint is your user name, *not* your password.
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.@MOO doing something really interesting here because they know their customer so well. Pick up your biz cards at a…

Let them paste passwords

Advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (terrible name, good advice) that stopping pasting passwords is a bad thing and does nothing for security.


Modern JavaScript date utility library

Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith’s free online (/offline) book about modern web design.

Really happy to see that #webmention is now a W3C recommendation. 👏 @aaronpk and all @indiewebcamp implementers.

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If I need cheering up I do like to remember how pleased the Queen was at her birthday celebrations when she saw cow…
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Measurement is fabulous. Unless you're busy measuring what's easy to measure as opposed to what's important. —Godin
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Getting @home_assistant up and running was a cinch. “Alexa turn on the TV” is now a thing 😍
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Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions. 

I’m going.

Understanding one-time passwords

Using HOTPs and TOTPs in Ruby

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Purely by accident I Just described my level of tiredness pretty much word for word how Bilbo describes wearing the one ring too long.
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Given up battling with Facebook's API and tried out Bridgy so now what I post syndicates out to both Twitter and Facebook in one publish!


SMTP server and web interface for viewing and testing emails during development

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the Adam and Joe Christmas podcast is fantastic:
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I had missed the whole micropub movement, this looks really good for fast prototyping and simple content sites/serv…

@brendanquinn Thanks! Micropublish is my small Micropub client but check out for more on the IndieWeb community.