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May 2017
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HWC London back with @barryf ...and first time for @justinavery! #indieweb
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HWC London back with @barryf ...and first time for @justinavery! #indieweb performance notes

How Train Times keeps its service nippy

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Really impressed by @barryf’s IndieWeb-tastic website. I especially like how content is backed up to GitHub: 😍

@paulrobertlloyd Hey, thanks for the compliment! 😊 I’m a big fan of yours too: it’s rare to see such a beautifully crafted personal site.

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We had discussions regarding personal implementations of IndieAuth at the recent IWC so look forward to discussing and seeing this in action at a future HWC!
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Finish that blog post you’ve been working on. Demos of personal websites and technology. Discussion around the independent web. Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site! Any questions? Ask in chat: http://i

I’m 99% certain I’ll be there. Looking forward to catching up about your IWC experiences.


Sign in (or up) with Google for Rails applications – Ruby gem by DHH

This post has been deleted and is no longer available.

A couple of recent site/Transformative changes:

  1. I’m now using Acquiescence, my new IndieAuth server for auth/tokens, on this domain.
  2. You can subscribe to a new JSON feed for homepage content. The RSS feed hasn’t gone away but I thought I’d also support the new JSON Feed format.
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Delighted after the first half of the #FACupFinal but nerves are kicking in. Chelsea can't be that bad in the second half can they?
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Delighted after the first half of the #FACupFinal but nerves are kicking in. Chelsea can’t be that bad in the second half can they?

@barryf Yes! Arsenal were just better. Outplayed, outfought, outscored them. Love it. #FACupFinal

Delighted after the first half of the #FACupFinal but nerves are kicking in. Chelsea can’t be that bad in the second half can they?

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Map with scoring for commuting time, life satisfaction and house prices

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What, Exactly, Makes Something A Progressive Web App?

Acquiescence: a basic IndieAuth server

IndieAuth is a method for using your own domain name to sign in to other sites and tools. It’s one of the key parts of Micropub, the (newly) W3C recommended standard for posting to your site. is the original and one of the very few public implementations of an IndieAuth server that you can use, but recently I’ve been having problems getting it to work with my site’s SSL setup.

So I decided this was a good opportunity to try building my own IndieAuth authorization and token endpoints using the detailed documentation in the IndieWeb wiki.

And Acquiescence is the result. It’s very simple (~160 lines of Ruby) and allows me to use my GitHub account to authenticate, authorise and grant scoped access to third-party tools like Micropublish. I’m now using it for this site’s domain.

I’ve used my favourite stack of Ruby, Sinatra and Heroku for hosting, plus Redis to store the auths/tokens. The source code is available at if you want to poke around.
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Micropub is a W3C Recommendation
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Knowing how to prioritise when everything is a priority is one of the most important skills of a #ProjectManager…

Going offline at Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf

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Micropub is a W3C Recommendation

Yay Micropub! 🎉

A rookie’s guide to raising investment


Creates CSS to implement CSS Grids.

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@feedbin @jsonfeed Any chance you can support the h-feed microformat as well? There are goo…

A little test, posting from for the first time.

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@barryf Please nudge me when you see it live 😃

@nstanley If you’re still interested, Things 3 is now available:

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Passed my driving test today, so that's the trifecta of adult hood complete: mortgage, baby, car.

@BenHobson Nice 👍 🚗

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Evaluating Technology Round-up of my one-day workshop evaluating technology with Jeremy Keith Ten years on from my last visit to Nuremberg, when my career in the Web industry had barely started, I couldn’t imagine then what the Web would have…


The Holy Grail WordPress project template for Heroku deployment and local Docker development.

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The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is almost completely spec compliant.


Asynchronous standup meetings in Slack

“Problem roadmaps not feature roadmaps” 👏❤️ #roadmap

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Jonathan Prozzi and I have challenged one another to make a post about improving our websites once a week. This one should have gone up last week! A few weeks ago I posted some thoughts about my IndieWeb setup called "Easier POSSE with Mi…

Thanks, Marty! You’ve made my day seeing Micropublish being used productively! And that’s the same workflow I use if I want to hand-craft a tweet rather than rely on my site to trim the content.



On the beach

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Today is a good day to review your permissions on various silos. Handy links on