Barry Frost

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February 2018
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Congratulations Barry! 🎉 Hope all is going well

Thanks very much, Calum. He’s certainly keeping us busy!

Hello to my son Charlie 👶👋


Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.

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Hiring junior developers is an investment into helping your senior developers grow and an investment into making t…

@StevieBuckley Some of our best people have started as juniors but quickly accelerated up through the team. They don’t stay junior very long. See also: people who move across to dev from other departments.

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@barryf I’ve been looking into microblogs and IndieWeb, and I gotta say that Transformative looks really nice. :) W…

@johankj Thanks! Yes, although it’s open-source (MIT licence), it’s probably a bit specific to my needs/design to be plug-and-play. I’d be happy to accept patches/issues though.

Watching those side boosters land from @spacex Falcon Heavy was a genuine open-mouth woah moment! Just amazing. Nice touches with Bowie and Don’t Panic on the Tesla screen.

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