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March 2018

At my first #HNLondon for a long while. A big crowd, a couple of top-notch speakers lined up and free pizza. Good work, @steviebuckley.


Video Hosting for Business

First visit to the new Virginia Water Costa. Friendly staff and good coffee.


A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user’s focus across the page

In reply to Andrew Losowsky Andrew Losowsky’s post “Presumably that was only hairy because A…” on Twitter
Presumably that was only hairy because Al was driving.

@losowsky @WarwickBoar Yes! I think he drove over a roundabout IIRC.

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@adambanksdotcom @WarwickBoar Oh we used to dream of ISDN. If we missed the courier, we’d have to drive 90 minutes…

@losowsky @adambanksdotcom @WarwickBoar I think it was Tamworth. It wasn’t a deadline you wanted to miss. I remember one hairy drive in the Astra with Simon, Al and Dee for the (late) 25th anniversary edition. Good times!

Frosts ❄️ built a snowman ⛄️

Registering Charlie’s birth.


Ruby and Node library to generate a nice, URL-safe slug.

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Over the last several months, I've been slowly putting the pieces in place to be able to build a solid indieweb reader. Today, I feel like I finally have enough in place to consider this functional enough that I am now using it every day! One…

Minimal viable service worker

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Really like Webmentions and how it works especially when used with

How to Rands

How to work with Rands, what he does as a manager. Written as a message to a new report.

My paternity leave has timed perfectly with the snow and ice. Being homebound with a newborn is more bearable when I’m snowed-in anyway.