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September 2019

Highly recommended: Stewart Lee’s Sharknado / Alan Bennett routine. Even better when the stage props fail.

PagerDuty Security Training

Free training for engineers and everyone

New wallpaper: the global #ShowYourStripes climate crisis graphic to remind me every time I pick up my phone.

Show Your Warming Stripes

Essential Meetings to Have With Your People as a Manager

How to Design Your Office for Improved Productivity and Purpose

Offline listings

Caching pages for offline use with Service Workers

In enemy territory for a meeting

Pre-ordered an iPhone 11 Pro earlier this afternoon, silver, 256GB. And so begins the passing down of devices through the family.

I seriously considered the 11 but have been spoiled by the OLED screen on my X and didn’t want to downgrade to LCD.

Britain's top 100 influencers revealed

September 2019

Liked Vincent Pickering Vincent Pickering’s post on Twitter
Blog Redesign - Part 3 Mapping out my IndieWeb functionality are up!

Squad Health Check model

Spotify’s model for visualising state of squad

Companies Made Simple

UK company formation and registration, including privacy protection


Online accountants, advice, umbrella company, etc.