Barry Frost

This is Barry Frost’s personal website.

‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’

Companies that run four-day weeks or reduced hours

Laws of UX

Nice visual guide to useful UX laws


London branding and design agency. Responsible for the recent Premier League rebranding.

5 simple messages to engage your customers

Rails Database Best Practices

Design words with data

How data informs our writing at Dropbox

Create A Landing Page With Google Spreadsheets, Sinatra, and Ruby

6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

GSuite Toolbox Messageheader

Email message headers analyser

Work at different management levels

HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road

How much does a website cost?

Useful way of explaining website budgets and deliverables performance notes

How we do sprint planning at Made by Many

Reset, Rebase Workflow

The Chris Morris Music Show

CM’s 1994 radio show, including the infamous Hesseltine episode 6.


Interactive Screen Design Tool

How to write a talk

Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture


UI toolkit for Vue