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Flexbox Froggy

A [fun] game for learning CSS flexbox

How Flexbox works

(explained with big, colorful, animated gifs)


A list of engineering manager resource links.


A standalone version of the readability lib


web feed parser and normalizer (XML w/ Atom or RSS, JSON Feed, HTML w/ Microformats e.g. h-entry/h-feed, Feed.TXT w/ YAML & Markdown, etc.)

You Might Not Need jQuery

Side-by-side comparison of jQuery code samples with native, modern JavaScript equivalents. performance notes

How Train Times keeps its service nippy


Sign in (or up) with Google for Rails applications – Ruby gem by DHH

Postgres tips for Rails developers

How to manage software development in Slack

London’s Best Commuter Towns

Map with scoring for commuting time, life satisfaction and house prices

N+1 Queries or Memory Problems: Why not Solve Both?

What, Exactly, Makes Something A Progressive Web App?

Going offline at Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf

A rookie’s guide to raising investment


Creates CSS to implement CSS Grids.


The Holy Grail WordPress project template for Heroku deployment and local Docker development.


Asynchronous standup meetings in Slack


X-Ray returns structured JSON data from any URL. Potentially useful for extracting reply contexts: it follows authorship and comments presentation rules and constructs a simplified set of data.

Further background:

The Best Design Resources for your Small Biz