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Rails design patterns


Email tracker, read receipt and spy pixel blocker plugin for macOS Apple Mail

Recommended by @gruber

The Vanilla JavaScript Toolkit

A collection of JavaScript methods, helper functions, plugins, boilerplates, polyfills, and learning resources.

Tweaking the variables of transparency

Evernote’s CEO on sharing a public roadmap:

The problem, he said, is not just that they might disappoint users if some of those features slipped, but that they would also have to spend time talking to users and explaining what happened, when they could instead be spending that time on customer support and product development.

Fuzzy Name Matching in Postgres

Using Levenshtein and Soundex extensions with indexes for fast fuzzy matches.


Flareact is an edge-rendered React framework built for Cloudflare Workers. It’s heavily inspired by Next.js.


A Rails App Template that creates a new Rails app according to the sustainable rails book.

Some useful ideas and changes from stock Rails, e.g. the bin/ scripts and preference for ENV.


Tool to post threaded tweetstorms on Twitter


Email sending module for Node.js

Ethereal Email

Ethereal is a fake SMTP service, mostly aimed at Nodemailer users (but not limited to). It’s a completely free anti-transactional email service where messages never get delivered.

Roadmap - GOV.UK

A better form of roadmap. For each topic/area they group their experiments under “Recently shipped”, “Up next” and “Exploring”.

Jobs | Daybridge

Well written and presented jobs pages. They’ve clearly thought about the descriptions.


Useful HTML attributes and advice from @adactio when dealing with 2FA and authentication, e.g. on password change forms, use autocomplete="current-password" and autocomplete="new-password" to distinguish the input controls.


Curated list: Resources for machine learning in Ruby

Andrew Messios

Freelance writer. Wrote job ads and copy for Daybridge.


Mobile app developers based in New York, recommended by @soffes

Don't cache ActiveRecord objects

Better caching strategy to cache a query’s returned IDs. Also a smart way of detecting caching of AR objects in tests.

Dockerfile best-practices

For writing production-worthy Docker images.

Advice for starting a new job remotely

A template for more deliberate 1:1 meetings (v2)