Barry Frost

This is Barry Frost’s personal website.


Ruby and Node library to generate a nice, URL-safe slug.

Minimal viable service worker

How to Rands

How to work with Rands, what he does as a manager. Written as a message to a new report.


Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.

Questions for our first 1:1

Lara Hogan’s questions designed to help her better support her team

If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work


Netflix’s lightning fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby Objects


A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments


Email newsletters with free 1,000 subscribers/month plan

Microblogging / Paul Robert Lloyd

PRL on Facebook, Twitter, and IndieWeb technologies.

‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’

Companies that run four-day weeks or reduced hours

Laws of UX

Nice visual guide to useful UX laws


London branding and design agency. Responsible for the recent Premier League rebranding.

5 simple messages to engage your customers

Rails Database Best Practices

Design words with data

How data informs our writing at Dropbox

Create A Landing Page With Google Spreadsheets, Sinatra, and Ruby

6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

GSuite Toolbox Messageheader

Email message headers analyser

Work at different management levels