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Love the small refinements in High Sierra. The Apple menu now includes a Lock Screen item (no more extra menu icon)
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Received a suitably grumpy sticker. Thanks @gilest!
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My 5 year old just said “Dad, it’s Fathers Day because of me”. He’s proposing that we rename it to Boys Day so we can celebrate together.
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The past week I mentioned both Martijn and the Twitter-account of the Dutch Railways (@NS_online) in different blogposts. For Martijn, I used a hand-written link with the proper .u-category.h-card classes to person-tag him. [see update below] For @NS
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Nothing like a new starter pack :-)
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I've long been a believer in the power of the open web, but my passion for saving it has been ignited by the IndieWeb movement, as of late. More and more people are discovering their distaste for creepy, ad-driven content silos like Facebook. Today's…
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HWC London back with @barryf ...and first time for @justinavery! #indieweb
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HWC London back with @barryf ...and first time for @justinavery! #indieweb
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We had discussions regarding personal implementations of IndieAuth at the recent IWC so look forward to discussing and seeing this in action at a future HWC!

This post has been deleted and is no longer available.

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Micropub is a W3C Recommendation
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Knowing how to prioritise when everything is a priority is one of the most important skills of a #ProjectManager…
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@feedbin @jsonfeed Any chance you can support the h-feed microformat as well? There are goo…
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The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is almost completely spec compliant.
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Wednesday #100DoPP d97 Setup microblog/@t Great #microformats & #indieweb support! rel=me h-feed Micropub ...
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Wednesday #100DoPP d97 Setup Great #microformats & #indieweb support! rel=me h-feed Micropub WebSub etc. is using Micropub as their standard modern posting API: * For publishing,…
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When come back, bring pie. #pie That was 15 years ago. #YouAreOld
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Micropub PR published today! 🎉 This is the last step before REC status! We'd love your impl reports and feedback!
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This little girl thought a broken water heater is a real life robot. It's just not fair how cute it is
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London's Tower Bridge under construction, circa 1889.
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Yet another attack on encryption. The lack of digital and tech literacy in MPs, Ministers, journalists and people in general is a disgrace.