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My new approach to reviewing work #obliqueStrategies #eno
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@barryf Hanged my boots up there and then!
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HWC London back up and running fortnightly for 2017 #indieweb
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Last week, Barry Frost released Micropublish, a Micropub client written in Ruby. It's a very slick interface for posting a few kinds of posts. I noticed that his "category" field looked really nice, and discovered that he was using a Bootstrap plugin…
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When UX goes wrong
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Good time for a reminder: Your fingerprint is your user name, *not* your password.
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.@MOO doing something really interesting here because they know their customer so well. Pick up your biz cards at a…
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If I need cheering up I do like to remember how pleased the Queen was at her birthday celebrations when she saw cow…
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Measurement is fabulous. Unless you're busy measuring what's easy to measure as opposed to what's important. —Godin
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Getting @home_assistant up and running was a cinch. “Alexa turn on the TV” is now a thing 😍
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Purely by accident I Just described my level of tiredness pretty much word for word how Bilbo describes wearing the one ring too long.
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Given up battling with Facebook's API and tried out Bridgy so now what I post syndicates out to both Twitter and Facebook in one publish!
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the Adam and Joe Christmas podcast is fantastic:
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This is an excellent name for an IT security company
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If in the @royalwindsoruk area get into the @WindsorGtPark...stunning morning!