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Great alternative to, and much more valuable than, simple likes. Love it! πŸ‘
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Our Digital PM, @hayleyhinsley is speaking at @DeliverConf on the 25th. See her "Aim Wide, Not Just High" talk:
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New post: "Automating the build and deployment of our team site with Jekyll, GitHub, Travis, S3 and CloudFront"

New work blog post from me. Includes cheesy photo of my remote team coerced into giving a πŸ‘

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πŸ“’ RSVPs open to this week's Homebrew Website Club London ✏️ Register at @hwclondon
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To mark the #AutumnalEquinox today, here's Samuel Palmer's visionary Harvest Moon (1833). Workers harvesting by moo…
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Micropub is a W3C Recommendation

Yay Micropub! πŸŽ‰

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Today is a good day to review your permissions on various silos. Handy links on
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Just giving advance notice that when my generation is old we're going to make everything like the 1990s again
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Oh, I like this: @gdsteam with some β€œdo’s and don’ts” on accessible web design: (via…
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🌟 🌟 @venntro need a QA Engineer in London! APPLY at >> << πŸš€
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Writing computer programs is interesting and fun.
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The UK’s digital security centre recommends *against* forced password expiry, at last someone has said it.…
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Final HWC London for 2016 next week with a Christmas theme and possibly some treats!
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"Reporting Cucumber Results in Slack" - new post on our blog by @stevesmith2609 #cucumber #automation
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I'm excited to announce that Micropub is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation! Three Years of Incubation and Selfdogfooding Micropub began in 2013 when I outlined a simple API to create blog posts and short notes for my website, and then imp…

Micropub is now a @W3C CR. Congratulations to @aaronpk and all the #indieweb contributors.

With this news I’m excited to see further clients and servers start to emerge. I’ve been using Micropub as the only method of posting to this site since January 2015 but I’ve yet to add in full update/delete capabilities. Time to get hacking.