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Good morning from Venntro's London HQ...
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.@ioptics: "Not to alarm anyone, but I've just opened Photoshop." @barryf: "And I've opened a terminal window."

Hack Day has begun…

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Photo: the team watching pitches for next week’s hack day (not in photo: @bayornet presenting remotely from NZ)
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When I give talks or workshops, I sometimes get a bit ranty. One of the richest seams of rantiness comes from me complaining about how we web designers and developers are responsible for making the web a hostile place. “Stop getting the web wrong!” I…

Jeremy Keith on how Facebook’s Instant Articles is borne out of the crappy experience and poor performance of websites. “The web doesn’t suck. Your websites suck.”

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How a weekend crash course helped our new ScrumMaster Hayley 'Spring into Code' #springintocode #girlsintech
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Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.

Finally got round to allowing my reposts to have a comment/content to support Twitter’s new(ish) retweet-with-comment functionality.

Micropublish also had a bump to show the content field when posting.

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Oh crap. Really sad to see @ampp3d and @UsVsTh3m close. Prob the most engaging tabloid experiments I’ve seen
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GOOD NEWS: We’re not going to be wiped out by that asteroid BAD NEWS: Story reminded of the Saddest Cartoon Ever
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In August 2012, I wrote a quick script to stream front-page Hackernews stories to an IRC channel on Freenode (# #hackernews in case you're interested) so that I could quickly glance at popular stories there instead of needing to load Hackernews. Since…
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Team photo taken today in our very sunny London office
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#IndieWebCamp group photo at #MIT meetup
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Oh and come visit @danbartlett on our @BathRuby stand. We have old skool sweet treats - fruit salad & black jacks!
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Excited about attending my first #Ruby conference tomorrow @BathRuby
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Just because you *can* post screenshots of text from an article or mobile web page doesn’t mean you *should*.
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Tech talk time at @globaldev
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Finding Medium's evolution fascinating. Amazing to me that @ev continues to find white space in publishing, so many years after blogger.
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I just want to buy a lamp
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Most popular word used in dating profiles in the US: another disconcerting map from @Amazing_Maps
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#GITLondon Dating, sex & tech. a) awesome topic and b) get to see some of my Globalites!! @barryf @rosswilliams @hannah__alice @ioptics