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Adobe Edge Web Fonts

ColdFusion 9 and OS X Lion

Groundhog Day: as with Snow Leopard, Adobe completely unprepared for a new release of OS X, citing other priorities.

JVM Error Installing 64-bit ColdFusion On Mac

The current (end of 2008) Mac JVM is rejected by the CF 8.0.1 64-bit installer. Mucking around with the default Java version at the shell fixes things. Yes, Apple changed this, but it’s disappointing that Adobe still hasn’t released a proper new CF installer that will work on an up-to-date Mac.

CFML Advisory

Committee website for the advisory board. Sean Corfield and chums talking about Railo, ColdFusion and BlueDragon

Go to Hell-vetica

The Apple and Adobe versions of Helvetica Neue Light are completely different

CFML Advisory Committee

ColdFusion now has an advisory board of six containing just two Adobe employees

Adobe AIR Resources for the Ajax Developer -

ColdFusion support matrix

Now including 64-bit support - but Enterprise/Developer only

on AIR Tour : London

“What to Bring: Yourself, laptop, any Flex, HTML and JavaScript apps you want to get running on Adobe AIR. We will provide the beer, coffee, food, XBoxes, schwag, knowledge, venue and bits.”

Flex Frameworks

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 9 with H.264 Video Support

FP9 Updater 3 now available

Adobe - Developer Center : Introducing ColdFusion 8

What’s new summary from Ben Forta. Compelling stuff.

Ext JS Blog - » Building a desktop application with Ext, AIR, Aptana and Red Bull

Aptana: Download Aptana IDE Adobe® AIR™

BrideL.OrG » Blog Archive » Flex Spell Checker Component

Uses unofficial Google toolbar API for the spell check

Apollo Twitter app

Adobe Labs - JSEclipse

It seems InterAKT have been bought by Adobe

Getting JRun Admin Console on Intel-based Macs

LiveCycle Portal

For PDF generating/Distiller/PostScript stuff

WebORB for Ruby on Rails | Flex RPC and Flash Remoting for Ruby on Rails