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Focus daily standups on value, not activity or individuals

How we do sprint planning at Made by Many

Superbly detailed piece from our DPM @hayleyhinsley on how she continuously grooms our product backlog.

Flaws In Scrum And Agile

What should a new ScrumMaster be doing?

Agile in a Nutshell

Agile Software Development Process - 90 Months of Evolution

Product Fail

To me it’s no surprise that so many companies spend so much time and money and get so little in return.

Reposted Tim Blair Tim Blair’s post on Twitter
An agile approach to self-improvement:


Agile Project Management Software & Scrum Tools


How we do… Retrospectives

(by SoundCloud)

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy, June 2014 Edition

Notes for those managing or leading teams.

Visualizing Epics and Dependencies in JIRA

Writing “As a User” does not make it a user story – Gojko Adzic

Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell

15 minute video clearly describing the role of a Product Owner.

Agile software development with Trello and Google Docs

“How we use Trello and Google Docs to make UserVoice better every day”

Scrum Student Resources

Recommended reading list for those embarking on Scrum

How do you estimate on an Agile project?

ThoughtWorks PDF book

Scaling Agile at Spotify

Organising a 250-person agile team - tribes, squads, chapters and guilds